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Sunshine Signing Connection can notarize any legal document you need.

We pride ourselves on every signing, be it for a million dollar mortgage or a common law agreement between private citizens.

We perform a lot of notarizations for those making agreements with neighbors or family members. These can be as simple as an agreement between family members or an agreement between neighbors.

Whenever you have an agreement that needs a legal document to give it veracity, Sunshine Signing is there for you, with both our mobile notaries and our online notaries.

Additional Documents

There are a number of business and personal documents that should be notarized, but fall outside the spectrum of the most notarized documents.

Before embarking on some of these documents, it may be best to talk to a lawyer if possible, as that is outside what our notarization specialists can provide.

  • Personal Property Transactions When an item of physical or sentimental value changes hands it is a good idea to get it notarized. It could be something like a car title that already has legal paperwork, or it may be something you have to draw a simple document up for yourself(ves). Items of sentimental value seem like something that does not need legal backing. But, it is a wise idea to have it anyway, to protect yourself from any future circumstances.
  • Agreements Between Neighbors – A pertinent example here could be work you do along the property line. If you, or a neighbor, are doing work that could cause you to encroach the other’s property, or potentially cause any damage, a hold harmless agreement is a good idea. Either to protect yourself, or for your neighbor to protect them self. Another agreement would be if you use each others properties for any reason, like to fish in a lake. It is wise to protect yourself from accidentally creating a permanent easement on your property. If a contractor is doing work make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Permission Slips for Minors – When most people hear this they think about field trips, but there may be situations when someone’s child may be doing something inherently dangerous on your property. The old example would be a trampoline, though they have tried to make them safer in recent years. Another would be a skateboard ramp, where it is foreseeable a child could injure themselves. It may be an awkward ask, but it might be wise to get a permission slip before you let the neighbor’s kid jump off of your roof into your pool.

There are a plethora of differing documents, many of which may need a lawyer’s aid, even if only initially.

The important thing is to realize there are numerous documents that may be notarized.

Things like personal or business contracts, even for vendors. Leases, be they personal, commercial, or even for vendors for things like events. Wills, living wills, trusts, advanced directives.

And whenever needed, Sunshine Signing Connection will be there for you.

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