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Mister Goblin – “The Notary”

Another day, another win for notaries in pop culture. You may remember Notary Publix, the shorts from 2015 were the last time we told you about notaries in pop culture. That time a streaming series of shorts featuring former Saturday Night Live actress Kate McKinnon.

Well, welcome to the music world. In April, Mister Goblin has a new album coming out called Frog Poems. And part of that is a track called “The Notary”, which was released on Youtube a few days ago.

The song talks about how the singer wants to become a notary so the singer can have some practical use in life.

“The idea for this one came up during pandemic lockdown when I was brainstorming excuses I could make to get out and see people without violating the social contract,” Sam Goblin said of ‘The Notary’ in a statement. “One of the ideas being that I could become a notary and stamp shit for my friends. Never did get around to it, but I did write this song. Joe (the other guitarist on the record) had to sell me a little bit on the shoegaze-y whammy bar part he wrote, but I’m so glad he did because now I think it really makes the song.”


Check it out below.

“The Notary” by Mister Goblin

What is a Notary Signing Service?

What is a notary signing service and how does it differ from a normal notary?

The Notary Signing Service

A notary signing service performs many notary signings. It is not just a one off, a company like Sunshine Signing can perform from one to thousands of notarizations for our clients. We do it by leveraging a roster of tens of thousands of notaries spread across all fifty states.

While a single notary may be available for more than one signing, there are times they may not be available. In these instances a signing service can plug the gap by providing another professional notary in a limited time frame.

This allows the signer, be it an individual or a firm like a title company, to ease the worry of having to fill any gaps for notarizations. For institutions this is extremely important, as time is of the essence.

Time and Money

Notary Signing Service

For business, a signing service can save them both time and money, while increasing productivity. When faced with dozens or thousands of signings, a signing service only makes sense.

With nationwide access and the ability to perform both mobile and online signings from anywhere, a notary signing service ensures every notarization goes smoothly. These signings can happen in the office, at your local coffee shop, on a job site, or any other place that is convenient.

Any business owner knows time is money. And the freedom a notary signing service provides saves a company time.

The Notary Signing Service Saves an Employee

Too many companies have an employee dedicated to finding notaries. They open an online rolodex, making call after call, trying to arrange all of their signings. This not just wastes effort, but costs the business too much effort.

A signing service like Sunshine Signing handles all of that for you, in an efficient manner. This again saves a business both time and money. Yes, we do keep coming back to that, time and money.

Sunshine Signing is more efficient than your own dedicated employee. Why? Because facilitating notarizations is all we do. It is our business, our sole dedicated purpose. Why waste effort when you have someone who can do it all for you in a blink of an eye.

Use Sunshine’s Signing Service

Sunshine Signing Logo

When looking for a signing service, you need one that has nationwide access and tens of thousands of notaries at their fingertips. One that guarantees the process and supervises it from the moment the order is taken until the final document is filed.

That company is Sunshine Signing.

We guarantee a notary to your selected location in four hours or less, even in rural areas. That is because we truly have a nationwide reach. We don’t just say we do, we can back it up in real time.

Our notaries are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred sixty five days of the year. We, and they will be here when you need us.

To find out more, feel free to give us a call at (727) 817-0000 or click on the form below. We thank you for your thought and consideration and promise to give you the best service in the industry.

Sunshine Signing Service

Your Nationwide Notary Signing Service

Increase your efficiency and bottom line with Sunshine’s Mobile Notary Services and Online Notary Services. Sunshine is always there when you need us.

Or Call us at (727) 817-0000

2024 Update to Florida Witness Requirements

Attention Notary Professionals

Witness requirements in Florida for real estate documents are changing in January 2024. It is important to take care in fulfilling these new obligations so your documents are done correctly.

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Notary Public Near Me

So, how do you find a notary public near you?

A simple google maps search will bring up a partial list. But, it will leave out a lot of corner stores that offer the service.

The real question you should ask. Should I use just any old notary public near me? What are the ramifications? And do they have the knowledge to make sure everything is compliant with state and local regulations.

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Mobile Notary Near Me

If you want a mobile notary that is near me, why not use a service that can always have one always near you? Yes, you can go through the pain of finding one, but what happens when they aren’t available. Or if you have multiple signings and you need to get them all done on time.

When you use a signing service like Sunshine Signing you don’t need to worry about the details.

We will manage it for you. We will have a notary at your location in four hours or less.

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Choosing the Right Title Company: Tips for Home Buyers

For Prospective Home Buyers

One thing a lot of home buyers don’t think about it the title company they will use to close the transaction. People are rightfully honed in on choosing their new home, but forget about chain of titile and how important it is in the home buying process.

Selecting a trustworthy title company is a crucial step in the home buying process. Here are some guidelines to help home buyers choose the right title company:

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UPS Notary vs. a Signing Service

At first glance, notarizing documents with your local UPS notary seems like a great idea. And for some people it is, as you only need your ID and the document(s) you need notarized. (in certain cases)

But, what separates a UPS notary and a certified signing service like Sunshine Signing?

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Will Mobile Notarizations Become a Thing of the Past?

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is gaining prominence and transforming the notarization landscape. But, it’s unlikely that mobile notarizations will become entirely obsolete. Both mobile notarizations and RON offer unique advantages, and their coexistence serves to cater to different needs and scenarios.

Here’s why Mobile Notarizations will not go the Way of the Dodo:

In-Person Transactions:

Will Mobile Notarizations Become a Thing of the Past?

There are instances where physical presence is required due to legal or regulatory reasons. Mobile notaries play a crucial role in facilitating in-person signings, especially when parties must be physically present to provide signatures, answer questions, or fulfill specific legal requirements.

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High Real Estate Prices and the Impact on Notary Work: Challenges and Adaptations

The real estate market is currently experiencing a period of remarkable growth and high real estate prices, with property prices soaring in many regions. While this trend can bring financial gains to homeowners and investors, it also has far-reaching effects on various sectors of the economy.

Notary work, which plays a crucial role in mortgage and real estate transactions, is no exception. The surge in real estate prices presents both challenges and opportunities for notaries as they navigate the evolving landscape.

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Mortgage Rates Continue to Climb

Would be buyers took another hit this week as mortgage rates continue to climb. Under normal circumstances, housing prices would fall, but low inventory continues to raise prices, as demand is exceeding supply.

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