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How to Conduct a Signing with an Impolite Customer

The hope and goal for any signing is a smooth transaction and a likeable signer. We all love these types of signings and cross our fingers for this kind of outcome every time.

But…. this is not always the case.

This article will address how to handle a rude or impolite signer properly and professionally.

First and Foremost, Stay Calm.

Keep in mind that they are more than likely not even upset with you as the notary and more with the situation. Real estate transactions can be a long and tedious process that can take anywhere from a few weeks to almost a year depending on the signer’s circumstances.

They are having to deal with multiple people from the lender to title all the way down to you, the notary. It is easily frustrating, and the smallest thing could be a trigger for impolite behavior.

Empathize with your signers.

We all want to feel heard, and our problems validated. A little empathy goes a long way to diffusing an upset client or atmosphere. You understand their position and why this is frustrating, lets find a solution or explanation for the problem.

Loop in Title or the Lender.

Often, the signer is upset over incorrect information or figures on their docs. Docs they have been negotiating and working with their LO on for months! Incorrect numbers when they finally see the light at the end of the tunnel can lead to a quick decline in the signer’s demeanor.

Offer to let them speak to their LO or title contact so any questions or incorrect information can be resolved quickly. Providing solutions to their problems and contacting the correct individual quickly goes a long way in decreasing tension at the signing table.

Do not force yourself to stay in a potentially dangerous environment.

An upset or rude customer comes in a variety of levels. While most can be diffused and the signing put back on track, there will be those few who are unwilling to work with you. Your safety should always come first, meaning if a situation continues to escalate and your attempts to help them or find a solution have not produced the desired result, excuse yourself and offer to reschedule at a later date. Contact title or the signing company who contracted you to explain the situation so they can address the signer directly.

These kinds of situations can be unpleasant, and they are never the types of signings we want at the end of the day. However, by using the above tips and trying to keep in mind their side of the story, practically any situation can be resolved where everyone leaves the table with a smile.

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Tips and Tricks for Staying Safe on a Mobile Signing

What are two factors that we all share in our job as a mobile notary?

Travel and meeting New People

While these two things are par for the course for all notaries, our goal in this post is to provide a few tips and tricks to help you stay safe on the road and encountering new people in their home.

There is always a risk in going to a new location, but in following these few steps we are hoping to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to keep you safe during your signings.

  1. If you are able, always let someone know where your assignment is taking place and the general time it will take you to return
  2. Make sure your phone is charged so you have the ability to contact someone in an emergency
  3. We know this line of work can mean back-to-back signings with minimal opportunities to go home, so bring a mobile phone charger with you just in case
  4. Share minimal details of your schedule with anyone you do not fully trust or know
  5. All though a great concern for safety, we know it is frowned upon to keep your phone in Ring mode vs Silent or Vibration mode. We suggest one of the latter, only so you can make a quick emergency call if needed.
  6. Make sure your car has routine maintenance to reduce possible breaks downs
  7. Invest in a reliable GPS system or app for your smartphone so you are limiting the risk of getting lost
  8. Make sure you are calling the signer to confirm- introduce yourself by full name, include a description of your car. This ensures the signer knows who and what to expect upon your arrival to location and decrease any potentially hostile encounters since you’re a stranger coming to their home
  9. There is always the potential for a client to get upset. Handling the situation calmly and offering them the option to reach out to their title contact, or us, can go a long way in diffusing the tension and regaining control of the signing. Keep the contact on the phone till the signer is calm and a resolution or decision has been reached.
  10. Your safety is priority number one, never keep yourself in a potentially dangerous or uncomfortable situation for a signing

Setting the Stage

While these few points do not cover all the potential situations you may encounter on the job, they lay a foundation for risk prevention and increase your awareness of possible situations to prepare for.

Sunshine has always put the safety and well being of our notaries first and we encourage all notaries to contact us with any potential safety issues or concerns so we can be another added safety measure.

Why are Notaries so Important in Today’s Legal System?

While we have all undoubtedly heard about notary work at one point or another, what really makes a
notary so vital for a legal transaction to take place?

The role and responsibilities of a notary have evolved over the years since their origin, which can
be traced back to ancient Egypt. Back then, the main tasks performed by a notary were transcribing and recording public and legal proceedings. And while these duties have changed over time, the role a
notary serves are no less significant in today’s day and age.

The primary service offered by a notary is acting as an unbiased third-party witness to legal
transactions. By validating a signer’s identity and the documents being signed, they are offering a layer
of protection that would not be available otherwise.

Let’s be honest, fraud is a very real concern in our current society and the role played by our
notaries is a significant deterrent. They are also valuable in preventing contract disputes and possible
litigation, as all signers would have to be present and acknowledge the documents being signed in front of a notary.

Remember, having a document notarized makes it legally binding and holds all signing parties accountable for any terms or transactions listed in the document, so long as they were verified and credentialed by a notary.

So, while hiring a notary may seem like an unnecessary step in an already long process for a
signer, they are obtaining a layer of safety and credibility that will ensure a smooth transaction for all
parties involved.

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Three Reasons Neighbors Use a Notary

It might sound a little weird, but here are just a couple of reasons neighbors might use a notary. Notaries aren’t just for business, they are for individuals as well. And there are some pretty good reasons two neighbors might need a notary, or a mobile notary to protect themselves.

Hold Harmless Agreements

They sound harmless, but they keep everyone protected in a case of liability regarding a neighbor’s activities.

A hold harmless agreement is a legal agreement between parties that states that one party will not hold the other liable for risk. Hold harmless agreements typically apply to physical damage or risk.


Okay, a couple of quick examples.

Hold Harmless for Potential Work on Areas That Cover Both Properties.

I want to do some work on some trees that just happen to be on my property line. I don’t plan to go on my neighbor’s property, but it is possible I will. Or maybe I know I will go onto their property.

Should my neighbor’s, and their home insurance company, have to take the risk that I will get hurt on their property?


When working on anything on the property line it is best to get a hold harmless agreement, notarized by a notary like one from Sunshine. This way we can protect ourselves not just against injury, but also our personal property. There will be no disputes during or after this job.

Both sides have come to agreement and know what is expected.

Hold Yourself Harmless Because of Kids Toys

Or let’s posit another hypothetical scenario. You just built the most awesome skate ramp for your children, and of course every other kid in the neighborhood wants in on the action. Who wouldn’t.

But, injuries happen, from cuts and scrapes all the way to full on broken bones. And forbid one sneaks on without proper safety equipment, like a helmet.

Your kids won’t think it is cool, but it only protects you. Instead of a looming disaster it becomes ride at your own risk. Your neighbor takes on the liability.

The Party of End All Parties

This is all me.

Maybe your neighbor throws a huge party, maybe for a real big football game. And you give him access to use your street, maybe a little grass before the sidewalk.

Then someone runs over your flowers, another hits a decorative fence, while a third razes some of your grass to bare ground.


A Hold Harmless is for both parties. You can give someone right to park, without giving up the right to protect your personal property. If people fall outside this agreement, your rights are protected, just like your neighbors are by letting them park there in the beginning.

I know some of these seem insignificant, but anything becomes significant when it involves legal ramifications.

Don’t leave things to chance.

Please remember we are not lawyers. None of this is meant as legal advice. We recommend you speak to an Attorney in your are to determine laws in your area.