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At Sunshine Signing we provide remote, online and mobile notary services, where we specialize in finding the most qualified mobile or online notary for your signings, even in the most rural areas of the country. All of our notaries have a background check, have E&O, and are fully qualified to handle any of your assignments. Our service will accommodate your clients schedule any time and anywhere.

After opening our doors in September of 2005 in the back room of a residential home, consistent and
solid decisions have brought us to where we are today as the leader of our industry.

We have continued to grow and improve our services and way of thinking over the years, especially following the market crash of 2007. While this dealt a devastating blow to our industry, Sunshine
emerged larger than ever using innovation, determination and putting our clients needs first and
foremost, making us the top name in the country for mobile notary services.

Sunshine provides a staff dedicated to white glove service and a multi-department setup that ensures
individualized attention to your signing at each step of the process. From starting communication, to
scheduling, docs, confirmation, completion, quality control and shipping, we have both you and your
signers’ best interests in mind 24/7, 365 days a year.

We offer a wide range of services from Remote Online Notarizations (RON) and mobile notaries, to walk-in convenience for our local community.

With experienced notaries qualified on every major platform, Sunshine is ready to get your documents
notarized at a moment’s notice. All of our notaries are fully credentialed and vetted by our team. We
have a department dedicated to reviewing credentials such as backgrounds and E&O to ensure the
notary assigned is fully qualified to handle any of your assignments.

We understand that the current market requires last minute signings that some companies are unable
to accommodate. At Sunshine, we are committed to filling those orders in an expedited and efficient
manner using out of the box thinking and an online database of over 40,000 vetted and experienced
notaries across the United States.

Having said that, we do not want to interfere with the system you have in place, we want to be an
internal support team for you and your clients as your needs are our daily task. We accommodate any
requirements or specialized needs you; your borrower or clients have in order to provide a quality
signing experience. We are here to meet their convenience and fit their schedule to make the signing
process as seamless as possible for them.

Our mission as a company is to provide the most reliable notary management services thru excellent
communication and customer service. We aim to achieve this using core values that have helped us
build a successful approach to all signings.

  • Creativity- Using out of the box thinking and problem solving
  • Innovation- A team dedicated to new ideas and solutions
  • Vetting- Sending qualified vendors reviewed personally by our staff
  • Progressive- Staying informed of industry standards and changes
  • Flexible- Able to cover all your signing needs including last minute
  • Reliable- We understand the value of trust and strive to deliver only our best efforts

Using these core values with our mission as the goal, our vision at Sunshine is to provide continuous support to our vendors and clients as we all grow in our industry. To be recognized for our exceptional communication and leading in the field of mobile and remote online notary services.

Your business needs a reliable and qualified notary service in order to meet the demands of this growing industry. We give you our commitment in quality, guaranteeing all of our work and we encourage you to go with the industry leader who is tried and true and has the track record to prove it.

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We look forward to being your preferred Virtual Scheduling Department!

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