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Why Use Sunshine Signing

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Why Choose Sunshine?

We provide you with a mobile notary anytime or anywhere, even rural areas, within four hours. Our notaries are the most professional in the industry, are courteous and prompt, as well as dependable. Sunshine stands behind our work and helps you through the process every step of the way.

Don’t let your client’s time or location be an issue as to why you close. Time is money, so getting the job done right, on schedule, is key to customer happiness, as well as keeping things in order and simplified on your end. Oh, yeah, did we mention time is money and Sunshine Signing can save you a significant amount of time.

Sunshine can save you money. No more searching for a notary. No more scheduling. No more hassle. Our mobile notaries are scheduled by us, overseen by use and guaranteed by us.

It may be a routine closing for you, but for your buyer, it may be the most important day of their life. Sunshine’s notaries treat every signing like it is.

If you are in our area, our notaries can sign your document in our beautiful office located in Hudson, FL at 13939 Lakeshore Blvd. Hudson, FL 34667.

Don’t forget you are always mobile and always online with Sunshine.

Three Reasons Neighbors Use a Notary

It might sound a little weird, but here are just a couple of reasons neighbors might use a notary. Notaries aren’t just for business, they are for individuals as well. And there are some pretty good reasons two neighbors might need a notary, or a mobile notary to protect themselves.

Hold Harmless Agreements

They sound harmless, but they keep everyone protected in a case of liability regarding a neighbor’s activities.

A hold harmless agreement is a legal agreement between parties that states that one party will not hold the other liable for risk. Hold harmless agreements typically apply to physical damage or risk.


Okay, a couple of quick examples.

Hold Harmless for Potential Work on Areas That Cover Both Properties.

I want to do some work on some trees that just happen to be on my property line. I don’t plan to go on my neighbor’s property, but it is possible I will. Or maybe I know I will go onto their property.

Should my neighbor’s, and their home insurance company, have to take the risk that I will get hurt on their property?


When working on anything on the property line it is best to get a hold harmless agreement, notarized by a notary like one from Sunshine. This way we can protect ourselves not just against injury, but also our personal property. There will be no disputes during or after this job.

Both sides have come to agreement and know what is expected.

Hold Yourself Harmless Because of Kids Toys

Or let’s posit another hypothetical scenario. You just built the most awesome skate ramp for your children, and of course every other kid in the neighborhood wants in on the action. Who wouldn’t.

But, injuries happen, from cuts and scrapes all the way to full on broken bones. And forbid one sneaks on without proper safety equipment, like a helmet.

Your kids won’t think it is cool, but it only protects you. Instead of a looming disaster it becomes ride at your own risk. Your neighbor takes on the liability.

The Party of End All Parties

This is all me.

Maybe your neighbor throws a huge party, maybe for a real big football game. And you give him access to use your street, maybe a little grass before the sidewalk.

Then someone runs over your flowers, another hits a decorative fence, while a third razes some of your grass to bare ground.


A Hold Harmless is for both parties. You can give someone right to park, without giving up the right to protect your personal property. If people fall outside this agreement, your rights are protected, just like your neighbors are by letting them park there in the beginning.

I know some of these seem insignificant, but anything becomes significant when it involves legal ramifications.

Don’t leave things to chance.

Please remember we are not lawyers. None of this is meant as legal advice. We recommend you speak to an Attorney in your are to determine laws in your area.

Living Wills and the Mobile Notary

It’s a subject we don’t want to think about, but eventually we have to, Living Wills. Hopefully we all have our affairs in order, but sometimes we don’t. We are hesitant to sound crass, but Sunshine Signing is there for you whenever you need to get your affairs in order.

What is a Living Will?

If you’re either unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate, a living will tells others what treatments you’d like—or want to avoid. Typically, a living will comes into play when you’re no longer able to participate in decision-making and hope to prevent the prolonging of an inevitable death through artificial means.

The Balance

A living will is one of the most serious documents you need. It is often accompanied by a Durable Power of Attorney, which designates someone to make decisions for you and what kind of decisions they are allowed to make.

A living will does not take effect if you have a temporary injury, like you took a shot to the head an received a serious concussion. Maybe from something like a car accident or falling off a bicycle. It is for potential end of life services, where options are extremely limited.

Are There Any Rules?

As a precaution, there may be some rules in your state regarding a living will, but most states will recognize them if you are across state borders. There are places online where you can download templates for a living will, but we would be careful to make sure that it comes from an attorney, and not just some random person.

The living will must address all of the potential circumstances that it will be needed for. We recommend you check several websites, even one or two for your state, to make sure everything you are required to have is there.

When Should I Get One?

We would recommend as soon as possible, unless you are under the age of eighteen, or do not have a legal guardian. Make sure your family and loved ones know of your intent, as an argument among members is the last thing in the world you want in your time of need.

Being pro-active is the best way to go. Unfortunately, none of us can predict the future, and none of us can truly know what life has to throw at us. We all wish for the best, Sunshine wishes the best for you, but we all must be prepared for any situation.

Why do I need a Mobile Notary?

A living will is one of those documents that has to be signed in person. An online notary is not able to perform those duties. A notary must be present, and in many cases the best choice is to have a mobile notary who can come to you.

In the worst situations, time is of the essence. Sunshine Signing can have a notary to you in four hours or less, even if you live in a rural location. You can rest assured our mobile notaries are the most professional in the business, and work hard to ensure every signing is the most important signing they’ve ever done. Because they understand how important it is to you.

Everyone is Important to Sunshine

Sunshine is there for you in the best of times and the worst of times. You need someone who you can trust in any situation. Our mobile notaries can meet you just about anywhere, from your home, or god forbid, the hospital.

If you don’t have a living will, and probably a durable power of attorney to accompany it, now is the time to take action. And when you need it notarized, just remember, Sunshine is there for you.

Expedited Document Courier Service and Why You Need It

We can hear you now. I have a notary, why would I need an expedited document courier service?

The fact is that people use these services all the time. When time matters, expedited delivery is the golden arrow in your quiver.

Some of you may know we do walk through recordings. Walk through recordings are when one of our notaries records your documents the same day. No wait. No hassle.

Just done for you.

Not Just For Mortgages

Yes, mortgages and title are the first thing that come to mind when you think about courier services.

But, they don’t have to be.

A wide variety of contracts can be expedited. A document courier could bring things like power of attorney, loan modifications, easements, deeds, foreclosures, estoppels, liens and we could go on and on.

So think beyond home purchases and what other services your clients may need. Heck, you can even add it as a VIP upgrade.

Then you work with Sunshine to keep the process more productive and profitable.

Why Would I Need a Document Courier for Other Documents?

For example, and forbid, a family member or friend becomes ill and has to make some changes to their living will or other document. Sunshine’s notaries will come to your room, notarize the document, then directly deliver it to your attorney and/or anyone else who needs it.

This is a situation you should not need to worry about anything else. So let Sunshine handle it, so you can focus on the important things.

Expedite the Power

Another situation may be a power of attorney. These are best changed and delivered at light speed. You never know what may cause a need for it, but if and when it happens, you may need or want to get it done right now.

Sunshine’s notaries can expedite your documents and get them safely into the hands of the person or people that need them. If there is no time to wait, then expedited document courier services are for you.

What about an estoppel? Every second counts when you are trying to protect yourself from baseless accusations. Every second they can mislead or commit fraud that negatively affect you.

When time counts, count on Sunshine.

Anything You Need the Original

Bike Courier

Many of us know about the people on bikes in New York City that almost kill themselves every day couriering documents.

But, what are they delivering, and why is it so important?

The fact is that any contract might need to reach its destination right now. And with a nationwide network, Sunshine is in a unique position to make it happen for you.

No more waiting for wall street service, because Sunshine brings it to main street. And you can get even better, white glove service from Sunshine Signing.

Want to make it even better?

Let our notaries notarize the documents, then courier them for you. If you do not need documents notarized, you can still utilize our nationwide network, even in rural areas.

Let’s see the people on bikes ride into rural areas.

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Why You Need Both Online Notaries and Mobile Notaries

As the world appears to be heading more to remote notarizations, you may ask why you need both Online Notaries and Mobile Notaries?

Not All Signings Will Be Remote

The laws are quickly changing, but some things will remain the same. At the end of the day, even once remote signings become more prevalent, some signings will still need to be done in person. You have attorney states, as well as certain types of signings, like wills, that will have to be done in person.

Heck, it might even be a client preference.

Any way you slice it, there will be a need to have multiple pipelines, a word those in business are not excited to hear. By using an all in one service like Sunshine Signing, you keep your pipeline simple, saving both time and money.

A Rapidly Changing Marketplace

Yes, there are a good amount of laws in place, but we are still a long way from a standard set of rules across the nation. This is not something that will be accomplished overnight. And it is probably something you don’t want your team to have to worry about on a daily or weekly basis.

So why not have a notary service that does that for you? That keeps your business humming. That adapts to a rapidly changing environment for you.

This is a large reason why you need both Online Notaries and Mobile Notaries and an All in One solution.

The Widest Variety of Services

Sunshine offers a wider slate of services in the industry. Talk about why you need both online notaries and mobile notaries.

Just check out our list of Mobile Notary Services and Remote Online Notary Services.

Who else offers the variety we do? Who offers things like Document Courier Services?

The best thing about that? Sunshine is more that ready to prepare to change with the advancements in the industry. We emerged from the 2007 real estate fiasco stronger than we entered.


We adapted to circumstances, we added offerings no one else was.

When the market evolves you need someone who can evolve with it. That is why you need a partner that will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

The Best Notaries in the Business

Access to the best notaries requires access to the most experienced and professional notaries. And those are not ones who just started and work inside of a warehouse.

When you work with a company like Sunshine Signing, you are working with a network of notaries that have years or decades of experience. Notaries that have done all the important kinds of signings in their mobile notary careers. Ones that give impeccable service.

Be it remote, or be it mobile, Sunshine has tens of thousands of the best notaries in the nation at our fingertips.

Why You Need Both Types of Notaries

It is simple to see that your business will need access to both types of notaries. It is also easy to see you need to work with someone with a long track record of successful signings.

At the end of the day, don’t select a notary service that will only fulfill parts of your needs. Go with the all in one solution provided by Sunshine Signing.

Sunshine Signing

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