A Notary Signing Service and 4 Reasons Title Companies Work with Them

In our increasingly mobile and digital world, a notary signing service company has taken on a new importance. In today’s business environment, the way we do business has changed. It is common for business transactions to take place across different states, and even in different time zones. Accordingly, this results in almost instantaneous deals and agreements.

The Convoluted Way of Doing Business

Sometimes, however, particularly for real estate transactions, there is a need for real papers to be signed, witnessed, notarized and filed. And this must be done before a deal is consummated and considered legally binding. For example, attorneys and title companies normally deal with such requirements. They do this by using overnight delivery services for documents and relying on cooperating professionals in another location.

With the old way of doing things, that is a satisfactory arrangement. But, time and scheduling arrangements are considerable when every transaction must be monitored and checked for accuracy.

Enter the notary signing service company, and there are at least 4 great reasons for working with a signing service:

1. A Single Point of Contact

A Notary Signing Service and 4 Reasons Title Companies Work with Them

Despite technology and digital capabilities, the best solution, when physical documents are involved, lies in dealing with a reputable and adaptable network of professionals. Professionals who understand your requirements. Enter the notary signing service. The great thing about a single point of contact. One that has a “real person” available every hour of the day and night. Time zones and distance become irrelevant.  This is a service you only receive from a reliable signing service like Sunshine Signing.

2. A Notary Signing Service Company Provides Convenience for Your Clients

There is an alternative to meeting for a closing at a title company office. A notary signing service offers all the convenience of on-site meetings in order to facilitate far-flung transactions. When needed, experienced professional notaries and attorneys are available. They meet with buyers and sellers at their homes or business offices, at any time.  Last minute arrangements are also possible, often with as little as a four-hour notification. Meetings at airports between flights are not at all uncommon.

And as we move forward there will be more online, or remote, signings and the services that come with them.

3. Conformance with Local Laws and Regulations

Legal requirements, licensing laws and filing needs differ from state to state. The mobile notary offers the local knowledge and expertise necessary. This helps keep title companies in compliance, no matter where the parties to a transaction live or work. A signing service relieves the closer and loan originator of added angst when dealing with a multi-state transaction.

Sunshine Signing Service

4. Scaling with Your Business

It does not matter if the market is up or down. Because it is always a ride that must be adapted to.

We saw a record pace of real estate transactions coming out of the pandemic. And now the market has slowed because of high interest rates. But, you don’t need to worry about changing staff based on the times. Sunshine scales with your business, leaving you to focus on your core business and KPI’s.

Listen to the National Association of Realtors. The ability to make closings more efficient and effective is a great advantage for title companies.

A notary signing service require less scheduling and monitoring effort on the part of the closer. Accordingly, it also relieves some of the burden for realtors.

Virtual Partnerships and the Signing Service: The Future of Business

One of the advantages of the digital age is the emergence of virtual partnerships. It is an entrepreneurial phenomenon, and the trend is changing the future of business. Both, in this country and globally.

Sunshine Signing is a nationwide service that schedules, supervises, monitors and excels. We can help re-align your overhead needs, as well as reduce costs and increase productivity. By accomplishing those goals we makes a substantial difference. It is a dollars and cents difference to the bottom line. Companies as diverse as law firms, title companies, real estate brokerages and mortgage lenders recognize this fact.

The flip side of the coin is the work we do with scores of local affiliates. They build their own success stories through an association with a signing service like ours. Is it any wonder that an increasing number of real estate-related firms are learning to take advantage of our services? Forward-thinking companies like Sunshine Signing offer these services.

Time is of the essence and every minute translates into a dollars and cents value. You need someone who understands your situation. One of the best things you can do is pick up the phone and call Sunshine Signing.

It does not matter if you need a single document signed and witnessed. Or even a whole package with complicated legal terms reviewed and explained for a nervous client by a knowledgeable attorney. Because Sunshine can fulfill your expectations and work within specified time constraints.

A Notary Signing Service is A Modern Alternative

“Over the past few years we have come to view Sunshine Signing as a part of our company. They are our virtual scheduling department. The interaction is seamless and reliable,” according to the owner of one satisfied company.

We have nationwide services that are accurate, affordable and accountable. As well as a simple online process for uploading documents, scheduling services, monitoring progress and handling billings. At Sunshine, we think there is very little reason not to use our notary signing service.

We know your business requirements continue to evolve. Sunshine dedicates itself to keeping pace, virtually and otherwise, with our clients’ needs through impeccable customer service and performance.

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