Top 6 Reasons to Use a Notary Signing Company

A Notary Public is a third party witness that authorizes documents signed between two parties as legally binding. Business contracts are a big part of this service. A Public Notary helps prevent fraudulent activity in important legal documents.  A notary signing company specializes in connecting notaries with those in need, even for last minute or rural signings.

Not just anyone can be a notary public, you must get a special certification through the state government to become one. Each state has different laws regarding this process. Once a person becomes a certified signing agent, then they are part of a network of almost 5 million people in the United States who are notary publics.

1) A Notary Signing Company Saves You Time

Mobile notary services are popular in today’s changing business economy, and a reliable notary signing company keeps them at finger’s reach.

More people are doing business “outside of the box.”

You can also save time with newer online notary services, which are becoming legal in more areas.

Whether working as a freelance contractor, or a traveling business people, a notary service that can come to your office, home, or a coffee shop is a valuable asset to have access to. By coming to you, a mobile notary signing company saves the time of both parties meeting up at a notary public’s office. You might pay a little more for this service, but if a contract needs to be signed on a deadline, it is worth cost of convenience.

6 Reasons to use a Notary Signing Company

2) They Can Be There for Matters of Property

A notary is required for most real estate or mortgage procedures. Having them come out to the property will make the deal go much smoother for all the parties involved. As we move towards the remote signing option, there will still be many of your clients that prefer to do business in person. It is like that in just about every industry.

3) Or for Matters of Posterity

When someone is in the hospital, and legal documents need to be signed about living wills, or last will and testaments then it becomes a matter of life and death to have a mobile notary service available to witness the signing of those documents.

It is unlikely these signings will ever be online. When it comes to matters of a person’s estate and mental state, a mobile notary is a necessity.

4) Mobile Notaries Can Meet You Anywhere

In today’s fast moving world, where deals are made day in and day out at a rapid pace, a business person might need a mobile notary public to come out to them at an airport to sign documents between destinations.

5) Because It Is Just So Convenient

Using a mobile notary public is so easy and hassle free. You can access a notary’s services after normal business hours, on the weekend, at any time or anywhere. A mobile notary signing company will meet you where the business is being done.

6) Sunshine Does Both Mobile and Remote/Online Signings

Let’s face it. If your company does any volume of signings, some of them are going to be in person. That is the biggest reason why you need both types of notaries.

But, the problem is most of our competitors only perform online signings. You can get it all with Sunshine. Remote, Online, Mobile, Walk Through, Sunshine services are the most comprehensive in the industry.

Want to know the top 5 reasons you should use Sunshine Signing Connection as your Notary Signing Company?  Contact us now and we won’t just tell you why, we’ll show you.

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