New York Eases Onerous Record Keeping for Notaries

In 2022, New York passed a bill that updated record keeping for notaries. But, the new rules were too burdensome for notaries. Fortunately, the state legislature has acted to amend that bill to ease record keeping rules for notaries.

The 2022 Law

In the wake of the Covid, New York saw the need to update notary laws. It allowed a permanent acceptance of remote notarization. Along with it were rules that were strict requirements on record keeping. In real world use, they did not work.

They included a ten year transaction record. This actually negatively affected lawyers, and many stopped being notaries because of it. For all notaries, it was time consuming and over the top, which led to a change being needed.

The New York State Bar led the way in pushing for a change to the law.

New York votes to updated record keeping for notaries

Enter NY S08663

After two years of studying the law and working for change, the New York legislature passed a revision to the 2022 law, NY S08663. As of this moment, the bill needs to be signed by Governor Kathy Hochul.

While the 2022 bill was aimed at new technology, non-electronic signings were lumped in when it came to record keeping. The main point of the new bill is to eliminate the bookkeeping and storage requirements for non-electronic signings.

NYSBA Immediate Past President Richard Lewis, who chaired of the Task Force on Notarization, praised the new law:

“This reform allows attorneys to spend less time on paperwork and more time helping New Yorkers in need. This is an example of government working for the people by removing onerous state regulations,” he said.

New York State Bar Association

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