5 Ways to Prep for a Successful Signing

In this list we go over the 5 ways to prep for a successful signing. Making sure you have all your ducks in a row can mean the difference if a signing is going to be good or not. Following these steps can help make sure that everything is prepared and ready from all sides of the signing.

Sometimes by following these steps, you end up catching something that needs to be corrected and saves you from having to correct it later. Now no one is perfect, but making sure you have a guideline system before the signing can make the difference of having a successful signing.

5. Dress for Success-

Dress for a successful signing.

Look professional, act professional, and you will stand out in the right way.

Most notaries don’t have this issue, but it does come up more often than you might think.

Looking professional is key to making sure you continue getting work as a signing agent. You do not have to be in a suit and tie for signings. You just need to make sure you are presentable and practicing good hygiene.

Remember, for a lot of people, you are the only one they really ever meet in person involved in the signing. Representing yourself and the client in a professional manner makes you look good. Agents and clients around comment on the attire of a signing agent when they arrive and report it back to the Lender or Title Company.

Just because it might sign at their house or a Wendy’s does not mean you can wear flip flops and a t-shirt. This is your business so dress accordingly.

4. Mapping out your Signing-

Maps make success come more quickly.

Knowing where you are going is a very important step. Having a good route is essential for timing in your schedule.

Try to keep up with any construction or other road work that might cause a delay in your drive and plan accordingly. One tip would be to program it in your GPS but also write or print out directions on paper. You never know when that electronic device might not work properly.

Another thing to keep in mind is the local FedEx or UPS dropoffs. Knowing where they are and what time they pick-up will help you save time and ensure you make the pick up. Having this information can be very important.

For example if you have a signing and it is after the pickup time, let your client know that the pickup will not happen until whatever time and date. This allows your client to plan accordingly when there is a delay in shipping of the package. And that attention to detail leads to a more successful signing.

3. Successfully Print Documents-

Double check and make sure you are printing things correctly.

This part is also part of another step followed below. Check your instructions before you print. Make sure you confirm before printing, if applicable. You want to make sure your printing on the right size paper.

Depending on the company, they might require you to print on letter when you’re used to legal. Also, after you print you want to make sure all pages were printed. That nothing is missing and there are no streaks or unreadable pages. As a signing agent you should be familiar with most documents by now. If you notice that something is missing, communicate this immediately back with your client.

2. Read your Instructions-

Following Instructions helps lead to a successful signing.

This step is in a lot of our other tips.

This is extremely important, as not every signing is going to be the same. Your instructions are your guidelines for that signing to be a success. Being prepared for what needs to be signed or how it may need to sign can save you time and money.

Your instructions are going to allow you to schedule properly as well. Your instructions are going to tell you whether you need to confirm or not with your signer. What size paper the docs should be printed on and what color ink to sign with.

Who will be signing and how they should sign. Whether or not to have the signers initial each page without signatures on it. How many copies of certain docs should be printed out? Knowing the instructions is only going to better prepare you for a smoother signing. Print out your instructions and bring them with you so you have a reference to go by if you’re unsure of something. Follow your instructions and you should always be in the clear on your part.

1. Communicate Your Way to a Successful Signing-

Communicate with your Signers

A few things fall under this step. First would be to confirm with your signers. Now, this is not always applicable as some companies do not want the notary to confirm. Just to print and go.

I know some notaries do not like this, but I tell them, if that’s what your client wants, then accommodate that. If you get to the signing and the signers do not have everything needed, then, that is not on you.

Back to confirming, when you do call to confirm this allows you to make sure your signers are prepared for you and are not running around trying to prepare for the signing when you have already arrived. A lot of things can be corrected at this point as well, such as marital status.

You should know if you are in a marital state. This is always important to ask because this gets overlooked a lot. You call to confirm for a refinance and find out that the signer is married, but your client does not have that person on the docs. This has saved title and lenders a ton of times as they were unaware and now have time to correct their documents and avoid them having to pay a notary to go out and sign a second time.

There are a few other things as well that are covered in the confirmation call such as witness requirements, if the signers will need to provide one. If there are any additional documents that the signers need to prepare before you arrive, for example copies of their ID’s. This call on top of it all confirms the signing date, time, and location.

Sometimes title or lender might be unaware that signer might be out of town or unavailable at a certain time. In this case if there is a change from the signers you need to communicate that immediately with your client. Communication is important in preparing for your signing. Without it you’re just going to run into problems. Remember any changes, instructions, or requirements should clearly be communicated with your client.

As stated previously, you will catch things that your client did not know about and this allows correcting or planning for those situations. This shows you are reading instructions, you know what you’re doing, and that you know how to communicate effectively.

Successful Signings Come with Attention to Detail

Your clients will be very thankful when you’re able to help their side with avoiding mistakes which can be costly. I can guarantee that the client will be using you again. You might even become their go to notary. So by communicating, a lot of problems and hold ups can be avoided this way and lead to a more successful signing.

If you feel we missed something please let us know. Also if you like this blog post please share it with your friends in the business. Make sure you’re not missing these 7 Documents!

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