Outdated Practices Face Michigan Notaries

One third on deed rejections in Michigan are notary related. This is not the notaries’ fault, but the fault of the laws governing notaries in the state.


Did you know there are ten David Smith’s who are notaries in Michigan? And on official documents, it can be hard to tell which David Smith notarized the document. The truth is, it opens up the possibility of fraud in the state.

The state’s legal problem are so bad they have an effect on all Michiganders. The notary stamp is not required by state law. By that we mean wet signatures. They don’t even require notaries’ to keep a journal or use an embosser.

There is not numbered identification symbols for notaries. This can make figuring out which David Smith notarized a document a chore.


There are 113,000 notaries in the state of Michigan. Confusion surrounds them. The lack of identifying numbers is a big problem. Michigan courts invalidate too many notarizatons because of it.

Notaries don’t have commission numbers.

If your documents are ever called into question, it can end up in chaos. It would be another layer of fraud protection that is not there. And they can come back to bite you years later.


Nowhere in Michigan law does it require notaries are trained.

No requirement to be trained.

It leads to too many poorly notarized documents that experienced notaries tend not to make. (We know a lot of you are pretty much error free, but everyone misses something on occasion.)


It is home selling season and there is no reason to be completely sure your document may have the right provenance.

It is time to change Michigan notary law.

How does the public have faith in a system like this?