Why Individuals Need Notary Services

Face it. On occasion, individuals need notary services.

Securing a notary for your documents can instill confidence in ensuring that your transaction will be conducted correctly. But, it isn’t always easy to get a notary to your home on short notice. And, if it’s after hours or on the weekend, you may not be able to go to your local bank, your local UPS store or another location to find a notary to help you.  This is where mobile and online notary services step in.

According to the National Notary Association, as far back as 2012, the number of notaries began to decline. While there are still many of them, they are becoming harder to find, especially on short notice.

Does a Smaller Number of Notaries Matter?

With a decreasing population, some people may think that they won’t be able to get a notary.

More notaries become mobile and moved online. It’s now possible to find the right notary to work with you and help you through all your transactions. The increasing availability of mobile and online notaries has expanded the options for individuals seeking notarization services. In that sense, it’s not the smaller number of notaries that is significant. Instead, it’s the ability of the remaining notaries to come to their clients as needed.

Having mobile and online notary services at your fingertips makes things easier for any individual. They can call on a notary at nearly any time. They can rest assured they can complete their transaction, even when it’s after hours.

Why Individual Need Notary Services

What Does a Mobile Notary Need to Offer?

When you hire a mobile and online notary service like Sunshine, you should know what to look for so you can make the right choice for your needs. While the similarities between mobile notary services are often obvious based on how they travel to homes and businesses, as well as other locations, there are still differences to consider. Prices may vary, and the number of services offered may also differ.

For example, some mobile notaries may stay within more standard business hours, while others will work at any time, and you should understand what’s offered in order to get what you’re looking for from the transaction. You can also find online notaries around the clock, when it is legal for that signing.

And Sunshine Signing has a huge roster of all types of notaries that will work around your schedule.

Do Individuals Really Need Mobile Notary Services?

In short, yes.

Even individuals who don’t own or operate a business often conduct notarized transactions. Some items can and should be notarized. Others can undergo notarization for an additional layer of security in case there are ever questions about compliance or authenticity.

With that in mind, individuals who use mobile notary services can get a notary at their fingertips when they need them, and they won’t need to work around other company’s hours or the days they are open to find a notary for their documents.

Why Individuals Might Need Notary Services

There are a lot of reasons an individual would need notary services. Many you do not think about, but it is all about protecting yourself.

For example, one should have a living will or power of attorney. At some point in everyone’s life they may need them. Forbid something happen and you are not prepared. You don’t want to be stuck in the hospital and need mobile notary services, though Sunshine Signing is able to send a notary there for you.

Individuals Need Neighborly Services

One really doesn’t think they need protection when dealing with neighbors. But, there are a plethora of reasons one might need one.

At some point we will all have work done on our property lines, be it our self our our neighbor. It could be a fence, maybe there is some tree trimming, even some stump grinding after you take down a tree.

While most people use licensed and insured contractors, it still might be wise to get a hold harmless agreement with your neighbor. This simply protects you and your neighbor from work being done.

How About the Kids?

Picture this.

You got a new trampoline for your children for Christmas or their birthday, etc. Of course, their friends want to play on it. But, their child gets hurt and it opens you up to liability. A hold harmless agreement in this case protects you in case a fun afternoon turns into a sprained ankle or worse.

In any cases, you may think your neighbor won’t cause a fuss. But, unfortunately, you don’t know that for sure until it happens. Ambulance chasing lawyers are always looking for new potential paydays. Even though you’ve been friends, they might just feel tempted.

And then there are the situations where you don’t know the parent and who knows what will happen.

A mobile notary will be there to protect you in this situation.

The Block Party and the Individual Property Owner

We learned this one the hard way.

So your neighbor is having a big party. And they request that you let people park in front of your home. But, the partygoers aren’t especially careful. They might tear up your grass, knock down your mailbox, rip up a flower bed, or hit your fence.

This might be insignificant for some, but fence repairs are not necessarily cheap. In a perfect world your neighbor would take care of it for you. But, the world is not perfect. A hold harmless agreement in this circumstance protects you, and your new mailbox.

Easement Issues

So you have he perfect fishing spot. Or a great shortcut for the kids or neighbors to reach someplace convenient. Did you know in most states if you allow this long enough it creates a permanent easement?

In other words, you then cannot stop the other individual from using your property. So when you decide you no longer want to be the neighborhood fishing spot you may not be able to.

We know of someone who did this with a driveway. They let the neighbor use a corner of their property to move their car. This easement survived the sale of the property and weighed down the home price. The sale incurred a loss of thousands of dollars because the neighbor held a permanent easement to drive and park across a portion of the property.

Sunshine Signing will Help You Protect Yourself

Individuals Need to Protect Themselves

These are just a few examples of why an individual needs notary services.

But, it may be tough to find a time and place you and your neighbors can meet at a notary. It is much easier to have a notary come to you. Certain documents require an in-person, mobile notary, while others may be suitable for an online notary.

Enter the Signing Service

This is where Sunshine Signing service comes in. We have tens of thousands of both mobile notaries that come to you. It can be to your home, your neighbor’s home, a restaurant, basically anywhere convenient for you. And we do it nationwide.

We can even do it in rural areas. Sunshine Signing can have a mobile notary to your location in four hours or less.

It literally could not be more easy.

An Individual Conclusion

For mobile and online notary services in your area, learn more about Sunshine Signing and our white glove service. We go above and beyond as we offer mobile services, online services, as well as expedited document delivery. No one else currently provides that.

Contact Sunshine today to secure the certified signing agent you need for completing your transaction. That gives you the opportunity to work with a notary you can trust, through a company you can rely on.

Then you can complete the transactions that are important to you, when and where they need to be completed. By doing that, you can keep your goals and plans moving forward. You won’t have to restrict yourself to hiring a notary only during business hours.

You may think we only work with big business, but we also specialize in individual signings. There is no job too big or too small for us.

To get started now, give us a call at (727) 817-0000 or click on the button below. We promise you will not regret it.

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