Three Reasons Neighbors Use a Notary

It might sound a little weird, but here are just a couple of reasons neighbors might use a notary. Notaries aren’t just for business, they are for individuals as well. And there are some pretty good reasons two neighbors might need a notary, or a mobile notary to protect themselves.

Hold Harmless Agreements

They sound harmless, but they keep everyone protected in a case of liability regarding a neighbor’s activities.

A hold harmless agreement is a legal agreement between parties that states that one party will not hold the other liable for risk. Hold harmless agreements typically apply to physical damage or risk.


Okay, a couple of quick examples.

Hold Harmless for Potential Work on Areas That Cover Both Properties.

I want to do some work on some trees that just happen to be on my property line. I don’t plan to go on my neighbor’s property, but it is possible I will. Or maybe I know I will go onto their property.

Should my neighbor’s, and their home insurance company, have to take the risk that I will get hurt on their property?


When working on anything on the property line it is best to get a hold harmless agreement, notarized by a notary like one from Sunshine. This way we can protect ourselves not just against injury, but also our personal property. There will be no disputes during or after this job.

Both sides have come to agreement and know what is expected.

Why Neighbors Need a Notary

Hold Yourself Harmless Because of Kids Toys

Or let’s posit another hypothetical scenario. You just built the most awesome skate ramp for your children, and of course every other kid in the neighborhood wants in on the action. Who wouldn’t.

But, injuries happen, from cuts and scrapes all the way to full on broken bones. And forbid one sneaks on without proper safety equipment, like a helmet.

Your kids won’t think it is cool, but it only protects you. Instead of a looming disaster it becomes ride at your own risk. Your neighbor takes on the liability.

The Party of End All Parties

This is all me.

Maybe your neighbor throws a huge party, maybe for a real big football game. And you give him access to use your street, maybe a little grass before the sidewalk.

Then someone runs over your flowers, another hits a decorative fence, while a third razes some of your grass to bare ground.


A Hold Harmless is for both parties. You can give someone right to park, without giving up the right to protect your personal property. If people fall outside this agreement, your rights are protected, just like your neighbors are by letting them park there in the beginning.

I know some of these seem insignificant, but anything becomes significant when it involves legal ramifications.

Don’t leave things to chance.

Please remember we are not lawyers. None of this is meant as legal advice. We recommend you speak to an Attorney in your are to determine laws in your area.

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