Living Wills and the Mobile Notary

It’s a subject we don’t want to think about, but eventually we have to, Living Wills. Hopefully we all have our affairs in order, but sometimes we don’t. We are hesitant to sound crass, but Sunshine Signing is there for you whenever you need to get your affairs in order.

What is a Living Will?

If you’re either unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate, a living will tells others what treatments you’d like—or want to avoid. Typically, a living will comes into play when you’re no longer able to participate in decision-making and hope to prevent the prolonging of an inevitable death through artificial means.

The Balance

Living wills are one of the most serious documents you need. They are often accompanied by a Durable Power of Attorney. You designate someone to make decisions for you through a Power of Attorney and specify the type of decisions they are allowed to make.

A living will does not take effect if you have a temporary injury. For example you took a shot to the head an received a serious concussion. Maybe from something like a car accident or falling off a bicycle. You make decisions about potential end-of-life services, considering the extremely limited options available.

Living Wills and the Mobile Notary

Are There Any Rules for Living Wills?

As a precaution, there may be some rules in your state regarding a living will. But most states will recognize them if you are across state borders. There are places online where you can download templates for a living will. Still, we would be careful to make sure that it comes from an attorney, and not just some random person.

You need to address all potential circumstances in your living will for it to be effective when needed. It would probably be wise to consult a lawyer. At the very least we recommend you check several websites. At least one or two that are relevant to your state. You need to make sure everything you are required to have is there.

When Should I Get a Living Will?

We would recommend as soon as possible, unless you are under the age of eighteen, or do not have a legal guardian. Make sure your family and loved ones know of your intent. Arguments among members is the last thing in the world you want in your time of need. And, unfortunately, they are known to get ugly.

Being pro-active is the best way to go. Unfortunately, none of us can predict the future. None of us can truly know or predict what life has to throw at us. We all wish for the best, Sunshine wishes the best for you, but we all must be prepared for any situation.

Why do I need a Mobile Notary?

The signer must sign a living will document(s) in person. An online notary is not able to perform those duties. A notary must be present, and in many cases the best choice is to have a mobile notary who can come to you.

In the worst situations, time is of the essence. Sunshine Signing can have a notary to you in four hours or less, even if you live in a rural location. You can rest assured our mobile notaries are the most professional in the business. And they work hard to ensure every signing is the most important signing they’ve ever done. Because they understand how important it is to you.

Everyone is Important to Sunshine

Sunshine is there for you in the best of times and the worst of times. You need someone who you can trust in any situation. Our mobile notaries can meet you just about anywhere, from your home, or god forbid, the hospital.

If you don’t have a living will, and probably a durable power of attorney to accompany it, now is the time to take action. And when you need it notarized, just remember, Sunshine is there for you.

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