An After Hours Notary Makes Signings Possible

I saw this question posted in a forum for notaries:

“Where can I find an after hours notary?”,

Benjamin Franklin

One of the suggestions posted in response read,

“My mother is a notary public, she is at the beach”.

Abraham Lincoln

Yes, there are many notaries that take well deserved breaks on the weekends or at night, but there are also others who pride themselves on being an after hours notary.

Working on weekends or after hours is part of their business plan and a point of difference from their competitors. The availability of these notaries allows more business to be done outside of the normal working hours.

Why do Notaries Need to Work After Hours?

The world changes quickly. Nine to Five is a thing of the past.

Does anyone get a paid lunch hour anymore anyways?

With a world wide economy, business moves at all hours of the day. A new owner may fly in for just a few hours before they have to leave town again. And they might not fit in the old school schedule. And depending on the signing, the client may need an online or a mobile notary.

Even individuals work outside the box, and need notary services that work within their schedule.

To meet that challenge, some notaries have/had to step forward and update or change their hours. Maybe they just work whenever the crow takes them there.

But, they are needed. They are a key component in profiting from the global economy and helping to keep it moving.

After Hours Notary

Finding an After Hours Notary the Hard Way

There are several sites online that provide a directory of notaries.  Some even specify if the person is a 24 hour notary.

So you can labor yourself through those sites and pick out notaries one by one.  You can then call them and hope they are available when you need them.

This gets old quickly.

Even if you find an after hours notary available for this signing, what about the next one?  And the one after that?  It quickly becomes evident that you are wasting too much time trying to sift through all the muck to find your notary public.

Finding an After Hours Notary the Easy Way

The good thing for you, is you have found both your mobile and remote notary service.  We take all the hassle out of finding an after hours notary.

We do so because we have a network of tens of thousands of certified and background checked notaries at our disposal.  Using our specialized software, we can usually find you a notary in less than half an hour.  And have them at your site within four hours.

Sunshine Signing is like the “easy button” for your after hours notary.  Oh, and we can get them to you during normal business hours as well.

In face, we pride ourselves on finding you a notary public 24/7/365.

Sunshine Signing Service

Your Nationwide Notary Signing Service

Increase your efficiency and bottom line with Sunshine’s Mobile Notary Services and Online Notary Services. Sunshine is always there when you need us.

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