Choosing the Right Title Company: Tips for Home Buyers

For Prospective Home Buyers

One thing a lot of home buyers don’t think about it the title company they will use to close the transaction. People are rightfully honed in on choosing their new home, but forget about chain of titile and how important it is in the home buying process.

Selecting a trustworthy title company is a crucial step in the home buying process. Here are some guidelines to help home buyers choose the right title company:

Ask Home Buyers or Professionals You Know for Recommendations:

Start by asking your real estate agent, lender, or friends and family for recommendations. Real estate professionals often have experience working with reputable title companies and can provide valuable insights.

Asking people you know is just as important. Many of them have developed trust in who they did business with. Or maybe they weren’t that happy with them. Seeing as many realtors funnel people to the same companies, a piece of advice from a home buyer you know can go a long way.

Check Credentials:

Tips for a Home Buyer - Choosing the Right Title Company

Ensure that the title company is properly licensed and regulated in your state. You can verify this information with your state’s department of insurance or a similar regulatory authority.

This again goes to trust in the company. Peace of mind is important, and knowing the company you deal with has a track record of doing good business can be a paramount portion of the home buying process.

Research Their Reputation:

Look for online reviews and ratings of the title company. Websites like Google, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau can provide information about the company’s reputation and customer satisfaction.

These are helpful resources, but do not rely on them exclusively. Unfortunately, too many online reviews may not paint the full picture. But, for home buyers, these are still great resources.

Interview Multiple Companies:

Don’t settle for the first title company you come across. Contact at least three different companies and ask them questions about their services, fees, and experience in handling real estate transactions.

People are recommended to do this for almost anything, like plumbers and contractors. It is reasonable that a home buyer would do this for such an important transaction.

Home Buyers Should Inquire About Title Insurance:

Title insurance is a critical aspect of a title company’s services.

Ask about the type of title insurance they offer, the coverage it provides, and the cost. Compare these details with other title companies to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

You never want to run into a problem with chain of title on a property.

Request a Detailed Estimate:

Obtain a written estimate of the title-related fees and closing costs.

Make sure it includes all of the charges, such as title search fees, title insurance premiums, and escrow services. Comparing estimates will help you understand the full cost of the transaction.

That does not mean to go with the cheapest option. It is just one of the things a home buyer must weigh in their decision.

Ask About Experience and Expertise:

Inquire about the experience and expertise of the company and its staff. A title company with a long history of successful real estate transactions is more likely to handle your transaction smoothly.

Understand the Escrow Process is Important for a Home Buyer:

Ensure the title company has a clear and efficient escrow process.

Ask how they handle the transfer of funds, the safekeeping of important documents, and the disbursement of funds at closing.

Everyone wants and needs peace of mind. When it comes to significant amounts of money, peace of mind can be hard to find.

Clarify Communication and Accessibility:

Clear communication is essential.

Ask how the company will keep you updated throughout the process and whether they have clear points of contact for any questions or concerns.

A lack of communication is a red flag. A home buyer should be able to trust the process from beginning to end. And communication plays a big role in that.

Visit the Company’s Office:

If possible, visit the title company’s office to get a sense of their professionalism and operations. Meeting the team in person can help you gauge their commitment to your transaction.

This may not be possible for every home purchase. But, if you can do so, it can go a long way towards giving you confidence in the company. You may also want to check out the role of mobile notary services for title companies.

A Home Buyer Should Check for Affiliations:

Some title companies may be affiliated with real estate agencies or law firms.

Ensure that any affiliations don’t pose conflicts of interest, and that they prioritize your best interests.

This is another reason you should talk to home buyers you know. Don’t just rubber stamp the title company your realtor recommends. Take the time to make the right decision for yourself.

Review the Title Commitment:

When you receive the title commitment (preliminary report), carefully review it.

This document outlines any known issues with the property’s title and provides insights into the company’s due diligence. Without it, even with insurance, it can come back to bite you. No one wants to walk into a property with a lien or title discrepancy that has been overlooked.

A Summary for Home Buyers

Choosing a trustworthy title company is essential to protect your investment and ensure a smooth home buying process.

Take your time to research your options, ask questions, and compare estimates to make an informed decision.

For many home buyers this is not even a thought, or may be an afterthought. But, selecting the right title company is almost as important as finding the right house. The house you will make into your home.

A reliable title company will play a significant role in ensuring a successful and secure property transfer.

If you’d like more information or some advice on title companies to look for, we have dealt with hundreds of them across the country, we are always open for business.

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