Will Mobile Notarizations Become a Thing of the Past?

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is gaining prominence and transforming the notarization landscape. But, it’s unlikely that mobile notarizations will become entirely obsolete. Both mobile notarizations and RON offer unique advantages, and their coexistence serves to cater to different needs and scenarios.

Here’s why Mobile Notarizations will not go the Way of the Dodo:

In-Person Transactions:

Will Mobile Notarizations Become a Thing of the Past?

There are instances where physical presence is required due to legal or regulatory reasons. Mobile notaries play a crucial role in facilitating in-person signings, especially when parties must be physically present to provide signatures, answer questions, or fulfill specific legal requirements.

The peace of mind for many signers, people not willing or able to accept remote signings, and legal ramifications will make sure that mobile notarizations continue to be part of the landscape moving forward.

Document Specifics:

Some documents, such as real estate transactions, may involve complex paperwork that requires comprehensive explanation and understanding. Mobile notaries can guide signers through the documents, answering questions in real-time and ensuring a complete understanding before the signing.

This will provide many signers with peace of mind and make them more comfortable, and more confident with the signings.


While RON offers the convenience of remote notarization, there are situations where clients might prefer a personal touch. Mobile notaries provide a human element, allowing clients to interact face-to-face, which can be particularly reassuring for certain individuals.

Underestimating this should be done with caution.

In fact, there is come evidence that face to face communication is better for mental health, when compared to digital communication.

People who generally spent more time on face-to-face and digital text communication during the lockdown had better mental health than people who generally spent less time on face-to-face and digital text communication…and vice-versa.

Psychology Today

Witnessing and Verification:

Witnessing and Verification

Mobile notaries can act as impartial witnesses, ensuring that all parties are present and consenting. This might be necessary for certain legal documents that require verification of identities or the signing process itself.

Examples of this would be a living will or power of attorney, which requires a notary be present to assess the mental capacity of the signer.

Local Regulations May Require Mobile Notarizations:

Notary laws and regulations can vary significantly by jurisdiction. Some regions may have specific requirements that are better suited to traditional mobile notarizations due to legal nuances.

Hybrid Approaches Include Mobile Notarizations:

Some notary services offer a hybrid model, allowing clients to choose between mobile notarization and remote online notarization based on their preferences and the nature of the transaction.

In a hybrid signing, both technologies of remote notarization and in person notarization are combined to ensure a seamless signing.

Diverse Client Preferences:

Different clients have varying comfort levels with technology. Some may prefer the traditional approach of a mobile notary. Others are more tech-savvy and embrace the convenience of RON.

Current information suggests that younger adults prefer digital communication. But, more data is needed regarding if the preferences will stay the same as they grow older. This also hearkens back to the mental health as stated above, of human to human interaction will always provide comfort to many of those performing mobile notarizations.

Mobile Notarizations are Not a Thing of the Past

No one can deny, in some ways, Remote Online Notarization offers remarkable benefits in terms of accessibility, convenience, and speed. But, with Sunshine Signing’s four hour turnaround time, not much. Mobile notarizations provide a personalized, face-to-face experience that is important for many individuals and specific types of transactions.

As the notary industry evolves, both approaches are likely to coexist, offering a range of options to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of clients.

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