Remote Online Notarization (RON) and the Mobile Notary

The six hundred pound gorilla in the room is now the 6,000 pound gorilla. RON, or remote online notarization is here.

And it is about time we open our blinders and start talking about it.

This is the first in a series of how RON, or remote online notarization, will affect the mobile notary business, both ours and yours.

We are Late in the Game

Remote Online Notarization laws have spread like wildfire across the country this year. What was just a couple of states last year has turned into an avalanche this year.

The money behind the effort is just too much. The banks and venture capitalists just have too much to gain. And since no collective voice for notaries has stepped up and joined the fray to protect current notaries, most of the bills have gone unopposed through state senates and governor’s offices.

Unfortunately, RON has showed up at your house, taken your guest bedroom, and now you are going to have to live with him.

Is Remote Online Notarization the End?

Remote Online Notarization, or RON, brings changes to the Mobile Notary Industry


Hell no.

But, you must understand, changes are coming and you must prepare your business for them, just like we must prepare our business for it.

We either adapt with the times, or we get passed by. We must embrace change, while working to take advantage of it.

Now, there are still a lot of things that can mean for your business. Are there going to be as many mobile signings? Probably not in the longer term. Will you be able to supplement mobile signings with remote online notarizations? How about new types of signings? That is something you are going to need to figure out for your business.

We Need to Work Together

Last year we did signings with over 40,000 notaries. 40,000 highly qualified notaries we still want to do business with.

As you all know, we are not some fly by night operation. Many of you we have been working with for years, even if it is just a few signings per year. Others in busier areas have signed a lot of documents with us, signings we are determined to keep.

Remote online notarizations, or RON, and mobile notaries

When the crash happened in 2007 and most everyone took a beating, we grew. When there has been a smaller downturn in the market the last couple of years, we grew. And with remote online notarization now standing ahead of us, with your help, we will continue to grow, and do our best to protect the interests of the tens of thousands of notaries we do business with.

But, just like you and your business, our businesses together are going to find a new win-win. We have no doubt that we will, and are working on it every. single. day.

So in the Face of Remote Online Notarization, How do we move forward with RON?

Did we mention this is going to be a multi part series, where we go into more details on specific areas?

But, plan ahead. Make a three month plan for your business, make a year long plan for your business and make a three year plan for your business.

Take variations of RON into account, and see how it affects your business. Then ask yourself how you are going to address it.

Remote online notarization may seem like a new world, and it is, but that does not mean that we cannot prosper that new world.

Make a plan for your business and start working towards it. Leverage your industry contacts to expand or find new opportunities.

The issue is not what is wrong with RON, but how we can use remote online notarization to our advantage.

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