How do Notaries Stand Against RON – Remote Online Notarization

As we explained in our last article, Remote Online Notarization (RON) is here to stay, and at this point notaries need to be ready for it, if not making sure notary voices are heard.

So, what can a notary do at this stage, to protect their interests?

Understand What Proponents of RON Want

Now, we can’t say everyone who is in favor of RON sees the same vision, but for all intents and purposes, it’s all about about money.

There are those who want to save a significant amount of money on signings, to those behind new technology and the money behind them, and even some in the industry itself.

They all either want to save money or make money.

Whether it is diluting the costs of signing, carving out part of the industry for themselves, or even selling products or services to those in the industry.

It’s About Money for Mobile Notaries (and Static), Too

It’s simple. Businesses run on money. It is the gasoline that powers our economic engine. And the gasoline price keeps rising, which is just a cost of business, unfortunately.

Supplying, protecting, diversifying, and growing our business all require money.

Fortunately, those with more experience tend to make better decisions. And that is what you have. Knowledge gained by experience. Established contacts in the industry. And so much more.

How do Notaries Stand Against RON - Remote Online Notarization

The American Dream

You are living the American Dream right now, and just like everyone that lives it, you don’t want to give it up.

You decided to forgo normal employment and start your own business. Which was probably a little scary, but was also a huge rush. And you haven’t only made it work, you have thrived, or are in the process of thriving.

You’ve already beaten the odds.

Where else can you start with a dream, start a business on your back porch, and grow into a business with dozens of full time employees? One who does business with tens of thousands of contractors and clients each year, and so many other businesses.

As the famous comedian Yakov Smirnoff used to say: “What a Country!”.

You are Already Ready

It’s not just RON, entrepreneurs who have thrived have to prepare themselves for all kinds of things. Expenses, competition, regulations, record keeping and a lot more.

The American Dream - Dusty Rhodes
Okay, maybe not this American dream.

RON is a new challenge, but you’ve already excelled and remote online notarization is just another bump in the road.

Find Those with Similar Concerns

You all know others in the mobile notary industry. Heck, some of them are probably your competition right now. But, sometimes what is good for us is also good for our competition. And the same things could be said about the other people you know, that are not your immediate competition.

Talk, debate ideas and make and prepare a formal plan. Just because you may not have been able to stop RON (California notaries have!), does not mean regulations going forward cannot ensure current notaries are protected.

But, if you can not present legitimate reasons to your local state lawmakers, and maybe even policy guidelines that are largely aligned nationally, it will be hard for them to join your cause.

Remember, “United we Stand, Divided we Fall”.

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