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Three Reasons Neighbors Use a Notary

It might sound a little weird, but here are just a couple of reasons neighbors might use a notary. Notaries aren’t just for business, they are for individuals as well. And there are some pretty good reasons two neighbors might need a notary, or a mobile notary to protect themselves.

Hold Harmless Agreements

They sound harmless, but they keep everyone protected in a case of liability regarding a neighbor’s activities.

A hold harmless agreement is a legal agreement between parties that states that one party will not hold the other liable for risk. Hold harmless agreements typically apply to physical damage or risk.


Okay, a couple of quick examples.

Hold Harmless for Potential Work on Areas That Cover Both Properties.

I want to do some work on some trees that just happen to be on my property line. I don’t plan to go on my neighbor’s property, but it is possible I will. Or maybe I know I will go onto their property.

Should my neighbor’s, and their home insurance company, have to take the risk that I will get hurt on their property?


When working on anything on the property line it is best to get a hold harmless agreement, notarized by a notary like one from Sunshine. This way we can protect ourselves not just against injury, but also our personal property. There will be no disputes during or after this job.

Both sides have come to agreement and know what is expected.

Why Neighbors Need a Notary

Hold Yourself Harmless Because of Kids Toys

Or let’s posit another hypothetical scenario. You just built the most awesome skate ramp for your children, and of course every other kid in the neighborhood wants in on the action. Who wouldn’t.

But, injuries happen, from cuts and scrapes all the way to full on broken bones. And forbid one sneaks on without proper safety equipment, like a helmet.

Your kids won’t think it is cool, but it only protects you. Instead of a looming disaster it becomes ride at your own risk. Your neighbor takes on the liability.

The Party of End All Parties

This is all me.

Maybe your neighbor throws a huge party, maybe for a real big football game. And you give him access to use your street, maybe a little grass before the sidewalk.

Then someone runs over your flowers, another hits a decorative fence, while a third razes some of your grass to bare ground.


A Hold Harmless is for both parties. You can give someone right to park, without giving up the right to protect your personal property. If people fall outside this agreement, your rights are protected, just like your neighbors are by letting them park there in the beginning.

I know some of these seem insignificant, but anything becomes significant when it involves legal ramifications.

Don’t leave things to chance.

Please remember we are not lawyers. None of this is meant as legal advice. We recommend you speak to an Attorney in your are to determine laws in your area.

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Living Wills and the Mobile Notary

It’s a subject we don’t want to think about, but eventually we have to, Living Wills. Hopefully we all have our affairs in order, but sometimes we don’t. We are hesitant to sound crass, but Sunshine Signing is there for you whenever you need to get your affairs in order.

What is a Living Will?

If you’re either unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate, a living will tells others what treatments you’d like—or want to avoid. Typically, a living will comes into play when you’re no longer able to participate in decision-making and hope to prevent the prolonging of an inevitable death through artificial means.

The Balance

Living wills are one of the most serious documents you need. They are often accompanied by a Durable Power of Attorney. You designate someone to make decisions for you through a Power of Attorney and specify the type of decisions they are allowed to make.

A living will does not take effect if you have a temporary injury. For example you took a shot to the head an received a serious concussion. Maybe from something like a car accident or falling off a bicycle. You make decisions about potential end-of-life services, considering the extremely limited options available.

Living Wills and the Mobile Notary

Are There Any Rules for Living Wills?

As a precaution, there may be some rules in your state regarding a living will. But most states will recognize them if you are across state borders. There are places online where you can download templates for a living will. Still, we would be careful to make sure that it comes from an attorney, and not just some random person.

You need to address all potential circumstances in your living will for it to be effective when needed. It would probably be wise to consult a lawyer. At the very least we recommend you check several websites. At least one or two that are relevant to your state. You need to make sure everything you are required to have is there.

When Should I Get a Living Will?

We would recommend as soon as possible, unless you are under the age of eighteen, or do not have a legal guardian. Make sure your family and loved ones know of your intent. Arguments among members is the last thing in the world you want in your time of need. And, unfortunately, they are known to get ugly.

Being pro-active is the best way to go. Unfortunately, none of us can predict the future. None of us can truly know or predict what life has to throw at us. We all wish for the best, Sunshine wishes the best for you, but we all must be prepared for any situation.

Why do I need a Mobile Notary?

The signer must sign a living will document(s) in person. An online notary is not able to perform those duties. A notary must be present, and in many cases the best choice is to have a mobile notary who can come to you.

In the worst situations, time is of the essence. Sunshine Signing can have a notary to you in four hours or less, even if you live in a rural location. You can rest assured our mobile notaries are the most professional in the business. And they work hard to ensure every signing is the most important signing they’ve ever done. Because they understand how important it is to you.

Everyone is Important to Sunshine

Sunshine is there for you in the best of times and the worst of times. You need someone who you can trust in any situation. Our mobile notaries can meet you just about anywhere, from your home, or god forbid, the hospital.

If you don’t have a living will, and probably a durable power of attorney to accompany it, now is the time to take action. And when you need it notarized, just remember, Sunshine is there for you.

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Why You Need Both Online Notaries and Mobile Notaries

As the world appears to be heading more to remote notarizations, you may ask why you need both Online Notaries and Mobile Notaries? Don’t you wish you could just choose one and run with it?

In a quickly changing landscape it is understandable.

But, there are quite a few reasons that is not going to happen. And you need to understand the how’s and why’s that will affect your business. Or, why it does not have to be a big deal, because you have a partner at your side who will take that off of your plate. And let you focus on your core business.

Because, at the end of the day, we all want to focus on our core business, the part that drives the most revenue. And have a partner who can still give you a positive return on investment.

Not All Signings Will Be Remote

The laws are quickly changing, but some things will remain the same. At the end of the day, even once remote signings become more prevalent, some signings will still need to be done in person. You have attorney states, as well as certain types of signings, like living wills and wills, that will have to be done in person.

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Notary Search

A notary search can be frustrating and time consuming.

People performing a notary search can easily find the process to be more than they want to manage, especially in business. Sure, you can find notary directories online, but you’ll find yourself calling way too many of them to be worth your time.

So, I have a list of notaries near me and I pick up the phone and start calling them.  I quickly find out many of them are booked, so I keep calling.

And I quickly realize the difficulty in finding time to arrange myself and the other party, as well as the notary, all at the same time.  Sure, I can find a time for me and the notary, or for me and the other party, but finding a time that works for all of us is like sticking a square peg in a round hole.

Then I realize that I have multiple signings at different times and places.  And I get covered in dread as I pick up the phone and start dialing some more.

And soon I realize that I am wasting too much productivity doing a notary search I really don’t have the time or inclination to do.

Start Your Notary Search

Wasted Productivity and Time

So now I’ve buried half the day into a notary search I thought would take ten or fifteen minutes.  And I didn’t have the time to pay attention to more pressing issues at hand.

So I throw my hands in the air and say this is not working!

Seriously, I:

  • Found a notary directory easily enough
  • Picked up the phone and dialed and dialed trying to find the right notary
  • Then I had to deal with the other party in the signing and arrange a time with them as well
  • And this cycle went around in circles, just like my head, as this is not my forte at all

Perform Your Notary Search More Efficiently

And then I finally found Sunshine Signing.  They are a mobile and online notary service that has tens of thousands of notaries across the country.

And better yet, they handle all of the scheduling!

I just give them a time and place and they send a notary to me.  All of that hassle out the window.  All the productivity and time wasted is gone and I can focus on the core portion of my business.

Better yet, they ensure my notary is qualified and has a full background check.  They verify the notary has valid licensing and insurance.

And did I mention, they bring the notary to me, instead of me bringing myself to the notary.

The next time you perform a notary search, start it with Sunshine.

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Mobile Notary

A mobile notary is an entrepreneur that makes everyone’s life easier by traveling to a signing for a document that needs notarizing.  Many of them work nights and weekends and are able to work around the schedule of your business or personal life.  They run their business out of their homes and vehicles, and are ready for even last minute closings.

It does not matter if it is a place of business, a home, job site, even your local diner or airport, they will meet you wherever you need to get a document notarized.

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Document Signing Service

So you need a document signed?  Legally and quickly?  Then you are looking for a document signing service, and you are definitely in the right place.

Whether it is a loan, legal documents, wills and trusts, and any other document that you need notarized, our vast network of notaries has you covered.  They even come to your place of business, home, coffee house or other place of meeting.

Or with the expansion of the market, Sunshine also has plenty of online notaries as well.

Simply put, Sunshine adds a smile to your day (or night) (or weekend) by delivering professional service directly to you.  It doesn’t matter if you just have one document that needs to be signed, or if you have thousands across the United States.  We are your nationwide document signing service.

What does a Document Signing Service Do For Me?

Sunshine utilizes a vast network of certified notaries across the United States.  They are both mobile and online, meaning they come to you wherever you are.  So you can rest assured that anywhere you need a document signing service, Sunshine will have the proper notary ready for you.

This replaces the time honored (or better yet, time wasted) tradition of trying to shove a square block in a round hole.

What do we mean by that?

Your Document Signing Service is Sunshine Signing

The traditional way of using a notary is to try and get all parties assembled, during business hours (if you are lucky and they are open all day) to get a document signed.  Well, in today’s economy, that is just not possible in most cases.  The world moves fast, and you need a document signing service that can keep up with the changing demand.  Even on nights and weekends.

Why Use Sunshine as Your Document Signing Service?

  • We have a reliable network of tens of thousands of notaries across the United States.  Big Cities, rural areas, they are all covered.
  • All of our notaries go through extensive background checks and are supremely professional.
  • At some point, your business is going to need both types of notaries.
  • Our phone line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.  We will connect you with the proper notary for your signing at any time.
  • Our web based software allows you to place and track your orders in real time.  You can upload and track documents, and oversee every step of the process.
  • And the best reason you should use Sunshine as your Document Signing Service?  We stand behind our work.  We will ensure the job is done correctly and that you are happy with the result.  And we will work with you though any potential issues until they are resolved.

When you need a document signing service, we welcome you to make a Sunshine Signing Connection.  To find our more about what we can do for you feel free to find out more about us and prepare to be delighted.

24 Hour Notary

If you are here right now it is likely it is two o’clock in the morning. You are looking for a 24 hour notary and you are totally frizzed out trying to find a notary on a totally wrecked schedule and your eighth cup of coffee.

Or, maybe it is the daytime and you are just exploring your options (we can hope).

Seriously, though, the world is fast paced and we can understand both your needs and your frustration. And we are purposefully designed to remove that frustration from you.

Sunshine Signing Has Your 24 Hour Notary

Either way, Sunshine specializes in all situations and can get a notary to your location faster than anyone else in the business.

We are not just a 24 hour notary, we have a gigantic network of after hours and weekend notaries across the United States. Notaries that can get to your location quickly and can process your documents efficiently. Notaries that are professional and have undergone full background checks.

We understand you may be in a bind, or on a tight deadline, or even worse.  We’ve all been there! 

But, that is what we are here for! 

One call to Sunshine Signing and you can forget your problem, as we will find the right 24 hour notary for you and get them to your location when you need them.  And you don’t even have to be in a big city.  Our notary network covers rural areas as well. 

Can you hear us now? Good! (Ok, maybe that one is a little old.)

Finding a 24 Hour Notary Can be Frustrating

Why Would Anyone Need a 24 Hour Notary?

You are the one here, so why don’t you tell us!

Seriously, though, the economy has modernized and people are working outside of conventional hours more and more.  They might be closing real estate deals or only be in town in a tight window to get documents signed.

They might not work conventional hours and need personal or family documents signed.  It is also becoming more prevalent for neighbors and small business people to do after hours signings, because it is easier to gather all necessary parties at those times.

So there are a lot of reasons someone might need a 24 hour notary.

What Documents Can I Get Notarized at 2 O’Clock in the Morning?

It really does not matter. While most people are doing real estate deals, others are finalizing loans.

Power of Attorney, Structured Settlement, an IOU to your sketchy nephew, you can get them all done.

Sunshine Signing can notarize any legal document with a 24 hour notary. And do not forget the 7/365. Even on a holiday, if it needs to be done. A professional and certified notary will ensure it is done right.

The Rise of 24 Hour Notary Services

It is a simple case of supply and demand. The client (that’s you) demands it, and the signing service (that’s us) supplies it.

One big market that has emerged is people closing deals on the west coast before they catch the red eye. There is no time to wait until the next day. The plane is leaving now, and accordingly the deal must be closed now.

In this case, there is no tomorrow. But, there are a network of notaries willing to meet you anywhere you find convenient to get that deal done. And that network works with Sunshine Signing.

The Digital Revolution

Have social anxiety? Don’t like face to face interaction? We can handle that, too.

Sunshine’s network of notaries include online notaries as well. All you need is a computer with a good internet connection. The notarization process can occur completely online through a technology called remote online notarization, or RON for short. And a RON notary can also be a 24 hour notary.

Our signing service gives you all the options you desire. Just contact us and we can make it happen.

Sunshine Signing Logo

How do We Find Notaries at Two in the Morning?

That is the great thing, you don’t have to worry about it.

Sunshine Signing takes care of all the details for you. This is because we have a national network of tens of thousands of certified notaries.

Do they all work 24 hours?


But, we still have a roster of thousands who are more than willing to work around your schedule. They might be night owls, or weekend warriors. It doesn’t really matter, does it?

The only thing that matters is the 24 hour notary will be there when you need them to be.

A 24 Hour Conclusion

So when you need a 24 hour notary we ask you to make a Sunshine Signing Connection.  Use our vast resources to make sure you get your signing done on time and at the location of your choosing.

We don’t really care if that is a place of business, a home, a job site, even your favorite diner. As long as it’s not a pit full of snakes.(<– insert bad joke here)

But, seriously, as long as the meeting place is safe, our mobile notaries are willing and able to notarize any document you need.

When you are in need, whether dire or not, you cannot and will not go wrong with Sunshine Signing Mobile Notary and Online Notary Service. Our 100% Florida based client service representatives are waiting for your call, or for you to fill out one of our web forms.

Simply click on the get started button below and get yourself on the fast track to your next notarization.

Whether you only need one document signed, or you need thousands, Sunshine has you covered.

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Nearest Notary to Me

What is the easiest way to find the nearest notary?

The answer is simpler than you may think.  You see, the nearest one to you is always going to be the one that will come to you, also known as a mobile, or traveling notary. There is also a new trend, online signings, that are becoming available for more people.

They use a technology called online remote notarization, or RON. All you need is a computer with good internet access.

Mobile and Online notaries take the hassle out of arranging services for yourself or your business. And for businesses, we specialize in increasing productivity and profitability.

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Why You Need a National Signing Service

When faced with the choice of using a single notary, versus using a national signing service, there are several things a business needs to consider.  Not least of which are staffing/availability of your notary.

One must also consider the culture of their company and if an on staff notary helps them achieve their mission statement.  And on top of it all, a business must always think and plan about the future, the prospect of growth, and how that will affect company operations.

When You Need a National Signing Service

Every business that needs documents signings has to make a choice on how to get the job done.  Here are a few key questions we have found companies need to ask when making the decision on getting a national signing service.

Does an on staff notary help the company reach its goals, without detracting from its core focus?

Especially for smaller companies, hiring is a big decision.  There are training, taxes, the bottom line, and the journey to find someone who is right for your team.  Then there is the fact they must be certified in every state you do business, or plan to do business.

If you only do a few signings in a local area, it might be the right decision for you.  But, you then have to weigh the cost/benefits to have them on your staff.

You can find an individual notary for your services, but what do you do when they aren’t available?  And is it a good use of company time to be tracking down notaries all the time?

Why You Need a National Signing Service

Technology Has Changed the Game

Remote Online Notarizations made their big debut during the pandemic. They seem simple, but business is rarely simple.

The fact is some documents must be done in person. Some docs need attorneys, while others are affected by the myriad of laws now across the United States.

So, why not let the industry leader manage that for you?

At the end of the day, you are going to realize you need both mobile and online notaries. So why not be with someone who offers that to start with. Add in our expedited document delivery and you have a true white glove service.

Is your company growing or primed for growth?

Growing a business is hard work.  It takes supreme effort across a range of company goals to achieve.

And it is a proud moment when you do it.

As your company grows, your needs for notary services grows with it.  You can no longer rely on an individual notary, so a national signing service becomes your best option.

Why?  Because you need to focus on the three things that makes your company tick!  And I bet hunting down notaries is not on that list.  So you go out and find someone who specializes in that, so you can focus on your core business and increased growth.

Are you looking to expand your hours?

In recent years, this has spread quickly in real estate, but also for signings involving individuals with 9-5 jobs.  In real estate, investors strike fast and they do the deals when they can be done.  This is often outside the range of normal business hours.

A national signing service have networks of notaries that are available after conventional hours.  So, if one is not available, they have twenty more that are.  So you never get stuck out of town, at the table, with no way to close.

In business, every minute means money.

Make a Sunshine Signing Connection

When your company is ready for a national notary service, you can rest assured that Sunshine will be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  We have notaries in big cities and rural areas.  We have networks of attorneys for states that require them.

When you need a signing done right, and a national signing service to stand behind it, you cannot go wrong with Sunshine Signing.

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