Why You Need a National Signing Service

When faced with the choice of using a single notary, versus using a national signing service, there are several things a business needs to consider.  Not least of which are staffing/availability of your notary.

One must also consider the culture of their company and if an on staff notary helps them achieve their mission statement.  And on top of it all, a business must always think and plan about the future, the prospect of growth, and how that will affect company operations.

When You Need a National Signing Service

Every business that needs documents signings has to make a choice on how to get the job done.  Here are a few key questions we have found companies need to ask when making the decision on getting a national signing service.

Does an on staff notary help the company reach its goals, without detracting from its core focus?

Especially for smaller companies, hiring is a big decision.  There are training, taxes, the bottom line, and the journey to find someone who is right for your team.  Then there is the fact they must be certified in every state you do business, or plan to do business.

If you only do a few signings in a local area, it might be the right decision for you.  But, you then have to weigh the cost/benefits to have them on your staff.

You can find an individual notary for your services, but what do you do when they aren’t available?  And is it a good use of company time to be tracking down notaries all the time?

Why You Need a National Signing Service

Technology Has Changed the Game

Remote Online Notarizations made their big debut during the pandemic. They seem simple, but business is rarely simple.

The fact is some documents must be done in person. Some docs need attorneys, while others are affected by the myriad of laws now across the United States.

So, why not let the industry leader manage that for you?

At the end of the day, you are going to realize you need both mobile and online notaries. So why not be with someone who offers that to start with. Add in our expedited document delivery and you have a true white glove service.

Is your company growing or primed for growth?

Growing a business is hard work.  It takes supreme effort across a range of company goals to achieve.

And it is a proud moment when you do it.

As your company grows, your needs for notary services grows with it.  You can no longer rely on an individual notary, so a national signing service becomes your best option.

Why?  Because you need to focus on the three things that makes your company tick!  And I bet hunting down notaries is not on that list.  So you go out and find someone who specializes in that, so you can focus on your core business and increased growth.

Are you looking to expand your hours?

In recent years, this has spread quickly in real estate, but also for signings involving individuals with 9-5 jobs.  In real estate, investors strike fast and they do the deals when they can be done.  This is often outside the range of normal business hours.

A national signing service have networks of notaries that are available after conventional hours.  So, if one is not available, they have twenty more that are.  So you never get stuck out of town, at the table, with no way to close.

In business, every minute means money.

Make a Sunshine Signing Connection

When your company is ready for a national notary service, you can rest assured that Sunshine will be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  We have notaries in big cities and rural areas.  We have networks of attorneys for states that require them.

When you need a signing done right, and a national signing service to stand behind it, you cannot go wrong with Sunshine Signing.

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