A Notary Signing Company Helps Businesses Like Yours Thrive

Notary signing agents associated with a notary signing company provide a variety of services to individuals and businesses in their local communities, including transferring power of attorney, real estate transactions, time sensitive documents such as loan documents, and any other important paperwork that requires notarization.

Many consumers associate notary services with the necessity of visiting an office during standard business hours, causing inconvenience and possibly even hardship in some cases. This is particularly true for those experiencing limited mobility, parents of small children, or people with difficulty getting time off from their employment obligations.

Out-of-the area property purchasers who are unfamiliar with the area and are on limited time schedules also benefit from a nationwide notary service.

The following are just four of the ways a signing agent company helps businesses like yours thrive.

Nine-to-Five Doesn’t Work Anymore

Today’s economy is experiencing a revolution, and those who only conduct business during the traditional hours of nine-to-five on weekdays are missing out on significant opportunities.

For instance, clients who are flying in from another area to finalize real estate purchases appreciate being able to sign the necessary paperwork on their own schedule rather than waiting until a traditional notary office is open for business.

Busy professionals also prefer to handle personal transactions outside of their normal working hours.

In many ways, the nine-to-five business environment is evolving, becoming customized to suit individual needs and preferences and is becoming a 24 hour industry.

A Notary Signing Company Helps Businesses Like Yours Thrive

Notary Services from a Signing Company Saves Everyone Time

By the coming to the location of your choice, whether it’s over the computer, a hotel room, coffee shop, or your office rather than scheduling a time when everyone can meet at a traditional notary public’s office, notary signing companies save everyone time.

Online signing agents are available remotely for many signings, while mobile signing agents can meet you and your clients anywhere, freeing everyone up for other business matters.

A business should give thought to letting the customer choose based on preference. There will always be people who want to do business face to face. And your business can use it as a premium service, just like it is a large part of Sunshine’s white glove service.

Mobile Notary Agents Provide Maximum Flexibility

An agent can even meet you at an airport when you or your client are traveling between destinations. They can also come out to the property that’s being sold in order to streamline the process.

In instances where someone who needs to sign legal documents, such as living wills or last wills and testaments, the agent can meet all involved parties in the person’s hospital or hospice room.

Notary Signing Company Services Help Keep Costs Down

Many businesses recruit, train, and employ in-house notaries to avoid having to go to a notary office when legal documents need to be signed.

However, with a notary signing company, you’ll only pay for the services that you actually use, without the expense of paying an in-house employee a regular salary and benefits.

Even if you don’t have an in-house notary, mobile services help cut costs by requiring significantly less time and effort on the part of you, your employees, and your clients.

To find out more about how a signing agent company helps businesses like yours thrive, please feel free to contact us below and one of our specialists will be more than happy to help you.

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