The Importance of Credentials and Vetting

The demand for mobile notaries has increased drastically in recent years, and for good reason. Mobile notaries play an essential role in the signing of legal documents, offering convenient services by traveling to a signer’s location, providing the required notary services without the struggle of traveling to a notary or title office. 

Credentials are Important

However, with an increase in demand comes the need for diligent background checks and credentials to ensure your mobile notary is properly vetted. This article will address the importance of background checks and other necessary credentials a mobile notary should have in order to conduct your signing.

We all can see the significance that a mobile notary plays in our legal system today. They are not only responsible for verifying the signer’s identity but confirming the signer is entering the transaction willingly and knowingly, while ensuring all signatures, initials and notarizations are completed accurately. Wills, powers of attorney, real estate documents, could not progress without the knowledge and expertise provided by a notary.

Credentials and Vetting Your Mobile Notary

However, while a mobile notary is significant and convenient for your signer, there are risks to hiring just any mobile notary. Random hires lead to under qualified notaries who lack the basic training and credentials, let alone the experience, to perform their jobs efficiently and accurately. This puts not only your client, but your company at risk for receiving fraudulent services or having errors on legal documents. 

How Sunshine Protects Your Interests

The first thing we review here at Sunshine Signing is the notaries background check, which is easily the most critical credential a notary can provide. While most companies do a soft check on their notaries, we find that these can be lacking in critical areas and require annual background checks in order to stay up to date on our notaries and their eligibility to serve your clients.

A background check will reveal any criminal history, including motor vehicle and any listed offenders. You are already sending a stranger to your client’s home, the least we can do is ensure that notary is a standup citizen on paper. Any notary convicted or under suspicion of fraud, forgery, or identity theft should not be hired as they pose a significant risk to the client and the reputation of your company. By following industry standards for all notaries, regardless of states, we maintain a consistent level of expectations and service requirements for all notaries. 

Are They Insured?

Errors and Omissions Insurance. This is a staple credential in the mobile notary industry as it offers not only the notary financial protection against any errors but your company as well. Knowing that your notary is insured in case of any costly errors, while we always strive for none, offers a peace of mind and added layer of caution. We are all human and make mistakes, and in the legal world those mistakes can be layered in fees that stack up quickly. 

Among other creds such as bond and commission, Sunshine takes the time to personally vet and interview each mobile notary. This gives us an opportunity to gauge their professional experience, reputation through business references, and verify any additional training they may have had that will benefit the quality of the signing. 

Credentials are crucial aspect of hiring a mobile notary. Notaries with proper credentials have undergone the training and meet the state’s requirements to become a notary public. Verified credentials provide clients and signers with the assurance that their mobile notary is knowledgeable and above all else, safe. 

Our goal here at Sunshine is to provide a trustworthy, qualified and experience mobile notary each and every time. 

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