Traveling Notary – What are They

A traveling notary is more commonly known as a mobile notary

Traveling Notaries are notaries that travel from location to location to perform document signings. They provide a service that is needed for the legal system to run. Also, they protect people in the best of times and the worst of times.

Traveling Notaries Make Life Easier

Traveling Notaries make life easier for everyone involved in notarizing documents, whether it be with a title company, a mortgage or loan, or any other document that needs notarizing. 

Picture this. You possess a document that requires signatures from multiple people. And maybe your state requires a witness(es) as well. Also, we’re sure you can figure out how tough it can be to get everyone together at the same time and place at your local corner store. Or even knowing what you have to do in your locality.

Isn’t it much easier for someone to come to you when you are already together?

Documents Traveling Notaries include the Ones Mentioned Above, but Include:

  • Living Wills
  • Trusts
  • Structured Settlements
  • Power of Attorney
  • Loan Modification
  • Basically, any document that needs to be notarized.

When dealing with a company like Sunshine Signing, they can also perform things like document courier services, like in the case of walk through recordings, power of attorney and estoppels, among others.

A traveling notary will go to:

  • your place of business
  • a home or residence
  • the coffee shop around the corner
  • or anywhere else you need documents notarized.

A notary public is defined as a public officer who attests or certifies writings (as a deed) to make them authentic and takes affidavits, depositions, and protests of negotiable paper —called also notary”.

Again, a traveling notary lifts the burden off a singer or signers. By visiting them at the time and place of their choosing. This can both save time and money.

Traveling Notary - What are They

At Your Beck and Call

You can find a traveling notary just about any hour of the day and any day of the week.

Many of them specialize in after hours closings and rush document signings.  And, they are located all over the country, even in rural areas. You can’t find that at your local UPS store.

While commonly used for real estate transactions, a traveling notary can be used for just about any document that requires notarization. (A lawyer is required for certain documents in some states. But, don’t worry, there are traveling lawyers, too.) And Sunshine Signing also has a full slate of traveling lawyers as well.

In many cases you can find a traveling notary in a matter of hours … if … you use a service that gets you access to a network of traveling notaries.

Individuals Need Traveling Notaries, Too

Most individuals don’t realize how they can benefit from a traveling notary. Why might you need one.

But, what if you, or your neighbor want to do work on your property line. Undoubtedly, a hold harmless agreement would be in your best interest.

What about that new skateboarding ramp you made your kid for Christmas? Every kid in the neighborhood wants in on that action. But, if one of them gets hurt, you are left holding the bag. Why not protect yourself?

There are a myriad of other reasons, like an IOU to a family member or friend.

In Comes the Traveling Notary

A traveling notary can come to your home to notarize an agreement as well as give it the weight of law. An agreement that you can use to legally protect yourself in case something goes awry.

Another one you may not have thought of. Let’s say you live on a lake and have the best fishing spot in the area. So, you let your buddy or neighbor fish there.

Did you know if you do that long enough without legal protection it can create a permanent easement? That you might have to give them permanent access to that portion of your property? Despite your best intentions, it can bounce back on you. And, depending on the laws in your state it just might.

And a simple agreement notarized by a traveling notary can protect you from that, too.

Sunshine Signing has your traveling notary.

Sunshine Signing has Access to Your Traveling Notary

A signing service like Sunshine Signing is like a matchmaker between you and a traveling notary.  Actually, even better, as there are no sweaty palms or worrying what your hair looks like.

For example, at Sunshine Signing we have a network of tens of thousands of notaries across all 50 states.  We will connect you with a notary in a matter of minutes. Sunshine can have a notary at your location in four hours or less, even in rural areas.

We follow and manage the process every step of the way. Guaranteed.

That is right. Sunshine Signing can get your traveling notary for signings 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  And there is no one else who will get you a quality professional as fast and as reliably as we can.

If you’d like to find out more about our services, give us a call at 727-817-0000 or contact us online. Our 100% Florida based client service representatives are here to help you. Sunshine is knowledgeable about the laws and regulations that must be followed in your locality.

So, get your peace of mind now. There is no job too big or too small. Rest easy tonight knowing that Sunshine Signing has your back and a traveling notary will meet you at a time and place that is best for you.

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