Finding a Notary Near Me

You are here because you are wondering where to find a “notary near me”.  Whether you are purchasing a house, updating a deed, creating or updating power of attorney, or executing just about any type of legal document, you need a notary to certify these documents. If you run a business you might need notary services frequently, but even the average person needs a one on occasion, whether it be to:

  • Create or update a will or living trust
  • Delegating Power of Attorney
  • Do work on the property line by executing a document with a neighbor.
  • Notarize a formal IOU for a personal loan.
  • The list goes on and on. Basically, anyway you need to protect yourself or delegate authority.

Challenges of Finding a Notary Near You

Finding a notary in your city is usually a pretty simple task, especially if you live in a medium or large sized city. You could make an appointment at your local UPS, or visit our office in Hudson, Florida. However, finding a time that they have an appointment available (no appointment needed if you are local to us), and in which you can get all parties to the notary’s office can be quite challenging.

Finding a Notary Near Me

Anyways, this is where a signing service comes in. And you do want a signing service and not a corner store.

We have a database of tens of thousands of certified notaries, both mobile (or traveling), as well as online notaries across the United States. Big cities or rural areas, it does not matter. They come to you, or your computer, which is quite a bit more than great. They simplify the process of getting your document(s) notarized.

Even better than that, when you order from Sunshine, they are available after hours and on weekends. In fact you can get a notary both in person and online 24 hours a day.

Now you can rest assured next time you ask yourself “Where do I find a notary near me?”

Why Use a Signing Service Instead of a Notary Near You

A signing service is a company that specializes in notarizing documents. They have the experience and expertise to execute document signings. Unlike your local corner store, a signing service like Sunshine Signing knows all of the laws, regulations and nuances that differ between state to state and locality to locality.

In other words, we are the experts, and not just another person with a rubber stamp. And our phone lines are open 24 hours a day at (727) 817-0000.

What are the Rules in My State

Some states simply require a certified notary to be present when a document is signed. For some types of documents, in some states, an attorney is required to be present. Then there are states that require a witness or witnesses, to the document(s), for certain notarized documents. Then there are marital states. But, don’t worry, we have plenty of attorneys near you as well, if you live in an attorney state.

The rules of finding a notary near me can be complicated

Boy, that escalated quickly.

A document that is notarized incorrectly renders the document invalid. Unfortunately, It can get confusing too easily. And no one wants to go through the process, time and money to have an invalid document.

But, when you use a signing service that has been doing business in each of these states for well over fifteen years (since 2005), you are bringing on the expertise that comes along with it, to ensure your documents have all of their i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Leaving you to relax knowing the job is done correctly.

We also stand by our work. 100%.

But, Google Has a List of Notaries Near Me

Yes, they do.

But, that does not mean they are the ones to get the job done correctly. Just because they show up on a map does not mean they are the right people for you. They are just another listing on a map.

And, you can do better than just another entry on a map.

We hope we’ve explained that well enough already. But, if not, feel free to get into contact with us anytime to speak with a real representative about all the pros of using our service.

So Simplify the Process

Next time you want to find a notary public near you, consider instead using a signing service, like us, to take care of the process for you. We remove the hassle out of the process, and better yet, we bring a certified notary to your office, meeting place, door or computer with internet access.

It is really as easy as that.

Sunshine Signing service has more information on how we can help you get your documents notarized. Feel free to give us a call anytime at 727-817-0000.

Sunshine Signing Service

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A Little More About Sunshine Signing

We, a family-owned business, operate in Hudson, Florida, located in Pasco County. That is about 45 minutes outside of Tampa, Florida in the direction of the Gulf of Mexico.

We offer more services than anyone else in the industry, and notarize every type of legal document. Sunshine even offers document courier services to those who need them. We started as a small business in an addition to our house and have grown to service clients nationally, both large and small.

We can notarize one document or thousands of them, depending on client needs. There is literally no job too big or too small for Sunshine Signing.