Nearest Notary to Me

What is the easiest way to find the nearest notary?

The answer is simpler than you may think.  You see, the nearest one to you is always going to be the one that will come to you, also known as a mobile, or traveling notary. There is also a new trend, online signings, that are becoming available for more people.

They use a technology called online remote notarization, or RON. All you need is a computer with good internet access.

Mobile and Online notaries take the hassle out of arranging services for yourself or your business. And for businesses, we specialize in increasing productivity and profitability.

The Old Way to Locate the Nearest Notary

People used to go to great lengths to get documents notarized.  In fact, a friend who was a notary public was a boon to most people.  You might go to the local bank, local UPS, or search the yellow pages for the nearest notary to you.

This system worked great, except for the actual getting the documents notarized part.  You quickly found out how hard it is to get everyone together at the same time and same place, and actually have a one that is open at that time.  You see, there are several types of business that offer notary services, but they often have long lunch breaks and close early.  So, having everyone take off from work early wouldn’t even work a lot of the time.

So, even though finding the nearest notary was pretty cheap, it got expensive quickly when you realized that time is money.  And don’t forget the hassle of all the planning between the parties.

Locate the Nearest Notary to You

The Best Way to Locate the Nearest Notary

The nearest notary to you is the one that will come to you, period.

Going mobile frees you from the 9-5 constraints. Or, more like the 9 to noon, then 1:30 to 3pm many notaries work.  Going mobile works around your schedule, offering their services when it is most convenient to you.  They even travel to your business, your home, the local diner or coffee shop, or just about anywhere else you and your client or adjoining party might be when you need the document(s) notarized.

So, Then How do I Find the One Closest to Me?

The easiest way to find one is to use a signing service like Sunshine Signing.  We have a database of tens of thousands of notaries willing to come to you, or meet you on your computer.  Sunshine can quickly find you a profession, be it mobile or online, even on a tight schedule.  The vast array of professionals at our fingertips makes it easy to locate the nearest notary to you.

Then all you have to do is focus on your business, feeling secure that the nearest notary is coming to you or a computer screen in front of you, if that is your fancy and it is legal for that signing.

Follow the industry leader. Do business with Sunshine Signing. Our 100% Florida based client service representatives are waiting for you to contact us. Call us at (727) 817-0000 or click the button below.

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