White Glove Service

Sunshine’s white glove service is our start to finish individualized attention to each order. From the time of entry to when the package delivers and beyond to any corrections needed, Sunshine manages the entire process and is willing to do whatever is takes to ensure the signing completes successfully.

Be it our phone service, software or 24/7 support, Sunshine promises to make every step of the process easier on you.

In other words, you are our VIP.

With our white glove service we aim to stay ahead of the curve to catch potential issues, problems, or errors before they hit our client’s desk or to at least have a proposed solution to the issue. Not every company will take the time to inform title a package will be delayed. Or that the borrower is running a few minutes behind.

Any issue, including ones that may push funding times are essential to both our client’s and ourselves.

And if you really want to see Sunshine’s White Glove service, how about having or have a department reviewing signed docs before the notary drops and handling corrections before they ship.

We believe in being proactive instead of reactive. When we say we improve your productivity we mean it. When we say we’ll save you time and money, that is what we strive for on every single signing. That is what our White Glove Service means to you.

We are quick to respond to communications and are very transparent in our work so title remains up to date on each step of the process. Actually we do that for every type of signing we do, be it mortgage, power of attorney, or anything else.

Our clients enjoy our on the ball attitude and out of the box thinking to handle difficult areas and situations. We do not let a difficult area stop us from trying and will always provide an option.

In Short

Our White Glove service is the individualized attention given to each order from the time of entry to delivery in your office and beyond. We maintain open and transparent communication through each step and aim to ensure everyone is up to date on all information as the order progresses.