Why Audit Trails Are Important With Your Notary Signing Service

Audit Trails are needed for important documents such as power of attorney, mortgages, or deeds need signing. Therefore, people often require the services of a notary. Sometimes the need for these services do not conveniently fit into a 9 to 5 time frame. This requires the use of a 24 hour notary.

Understand, these are important part of the notary process. Especially when last minute services are provided online. As an experienced notary signing service, such as Sunshine Signing, will be there for you in this regard.

What Are Audit Trails?

In simplest terms, audit trails are records of a transaction or agreement. It could simply be something as basic as a receipt. Or as complex as several paper documents or files.

Audit trails provide not only a record of a transaction, but, should be constructed in such a way that they are difficult to forge. Software designed specifically for this purpose keeps electronic records.

Audit trails in e-commerce records a customer’s initial contact and all subsequent actions. Payment, signatures, and the delivery of any other services or products are inclusive.

Audit Trails and Your Notary Sigining Service

Why Are Audit Trails Important?

Audit trails can be useful for recovering any lost transactions as well as a way of maintaining security. You can also use them to respond to any complaints or inquiries. It’s also important to have an audit trail if there were any tax or legal issues to contend with.

You need a nationwide notary signing service like Sunshine Signing. We provide you with a certified signing agent who is qualified to provide you with a secure audit trail, but who is available at the last minute when necessary. Nowadays, you can sign and manage documents through your home computer or even an iPhone. Audit trails can help you track those documents throughout the entire process.

Choosing the Best Notary Signing Service

Sunshine Signing is a national mobile notary signing service that schedules and supervises the signing of documents. But, Sunshine also provides 24/7 notary services and audit trails. Your business will need both mobile and online notaries in the future. Therefore it makes sense to use the industry leader for over 15 years.

It does not matter it’s a mortgage, title, a structured settlement, or any other type of legal or financial document. You can count on Sunshine to conduct background checks and provide state of the art software. Sunshine Signing offers these services 365 days a year.

Title companies and real estate agents are just a few of the many companies and industries. They can benefit from audit trails provided by the professional mobile notary services provided by Sunshine Signing.

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