Can a Person with Multiple Personalities have Multiple Notary Stamps?

Can one person really get multiple notary stamps under different names?

More to the point. Can someone who has DID (dissociative identity disorder), more commonly known as multiple personality disorder, have multiple notary stamps for their different personalities.

Is This a Joke?

Unfortunately, no.

Although, it is probably worse than a joke. Worse because it is being used as a defense to an alleged infraction.

If you’ve watched more than an episode or two of Law and Order, you realize that there are a lot of wacky defenses out there, even if the show itself is fiction.

And That is a Defense in Court?

They can try.

Maybe they do have multiple identities. Maybe they are just delusional. Or maybe they are just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

Should Multiple Personalities get Multiple Notary Stamps

And how does one navigate between an actual disorder and the television portrayal that makes people misunderstand what the disorder really is?

Maybe the other personality goes on an extended vacation.

Why Would Someone Do This?

Corruption is a strong drug. Just like a problem gambler, every time you do it you get a rush. And soon you are shoulders deep chasing that original feeling.

And, so when your house of cards comes crashing down, you are more than willing to do whatever it takes to retain your previous lifestyle.

So, it This Legit?

We would not recommend trying it, okay?

And we fully expect the judge to toss it right out the door. There is no precedent for one person to obtain multiple notary commissions under multiple names, even under the extraordinary circumstances outlined so far.

Assuming the alleged is telling the truth (we don’t buy it).

Are There Further Implications?

Besides the part where someone is going to take a long vacation at taxpayer expense?

We would say maybe this is one condition that should be looked farther into.

With Seriousness.

Thankfully, it’s a one in a million possibility. But, if someone does have a second personality that takes over, or experiences lack of consciousness with no memory, should they be able to hold a stamp?

These people are not allowed to drive and many are subject to six month medical examinations if and when they do get their license.

The same rules apply to someone who has certain types of epilepsy.

So their career as a mobile notary is over. They would have to consider doing remote online signings.

Moreover, if someone can perform signings, but cannot remember doing so, and therefore cannot personally attest to the document’s provenance, should they be signing documents?

Again, thankfully this is the edge case of all edge cases. We are talking about something that wouldn’t impact more than a handful of notaries. The vast majority of people with this disorder are able to live full and happy lives.

Again, it’s not television and these are real people. It’s not up for us to decide (it never is).

But, we find questions where others see something unrelated. And saying you had multiple personalities that all wanted their own notary license, well most people see someone trying to game the system.

We see someone that allegedly took advantage of some of the most vulnerable among us. And has done so brazenly.

But, we also see past the story, to the question or questions that the story may raise. And that is, if a person has a bad case of one of a few disorders (very rare), is it proper to let them sign documents?

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