Happy Notary Public Day

Perfection is required. So is being there for many of a person’s most important days. Even though they don’t always realize it, you have their back when they need it most.

A high five for Notary Public Day

So, get out the kazoos and give yourself your best self high five. And if you see any other notaries today, give them one, too.

You work in an ancient profession that is still just as important today as it was 5,000 years before the first known language called cuneiform.

A profession that continues to evolve, from ancient mud pieces called tokens, to rubber stamps and fax backs and into a digital future and beyond.

So, think about giving a thumbs up when you see a green light today, because without notaries many vital functions in our lives and in our economy would stop in their tracks.

Or maybe don a top hat like the Monopoly guy, as without you, too many people would not get to pass go and would not get their $200. Because we all know you can’t close on Baltic Ave. without a proper notary public.

Dance for Notary Public Day
And you can, too!

Jump to the sky. Eat some cake. Enjoy your favorite beverage. Tell your family you expect breakfast in bed … and a foot rub. Make your dog walk you for a change.

And if you feel like dancing? It’s the perfect time of the year to break out the Ickey Shuffle. Just don’t twerk. You’ll thank us later.

So, today, November 7th, feel free to walk with a little pep in your step because you are a notary. You make sure that our most important moments are set properly in stone. And you do it every day.

And some of you do it 24 hours a day, and you’ll be there in less than four hours, even in rural areas.

You are the real MVPs.

So, from Sunshine Signing to you, have a very happy Notary Public Day.

Notaries are the real MVP

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