Notary Halts Potential Fraudulent Sale

What started in Philly has opened a can of worms across the nation, and unfortunately, the fraudulent deed crisis is not going away anytime soon.

While local and state governments across the nation are creating and passing new notary rules and regulations, massive holes in their current rules are being exploited.

We Wish This Was a Dead Horse, But it Isn’t

It is almost a joke this point that we are still covering this, as allegations and investigations spill over from state to state, the latest in North Carolina.

And while we wish we could minimize it, especially seeing it is a mainly a governmental issue, we cannot for one single reason.


Every time this occurs, it is the association. Every time someone gets a mortgage and the accompanying title they must be wary.

It is the news with a fellow notary making a defense for themselves, even though it has been shown in almost every case to have nothing to do with the notary.

Professional notaries instill both legitimacy and trust.

Here is to thinking there is no such thing as bad publicity.

California Notary Halts Home Sale

Notaries are the Front Line

News also hit that a California notary halted the sale of a home after discovering the seller had multiple names.

We do admit, this could be a legitimate sale, but it was not one backed by documents at the signing. If it is a legitimate sale, then the sellers will have to go through the proper channels to sell the home. Which is what they are supposed to do.

The important takeaway here is that a professional notary can step in before the issue, whereas government has only shown it can step in after the damage is done.

So What’s Up with North Carolina?

A new scandal is brewing, actually two, now in North Carolina. One involving state licensing, and the second the all too typical “deed” done in Charlotte.

WCNC in Charlotte has been leading the investigation into the issue.

WCNC Charlotte found dozens of licensed notaries, who are in charge of signing important documents, were stripped of their commissions because of forgery, fraud, or previous criminal records. Those findings are leading State Senator Natasha Marcus to launch her own investigation.

WCNC Charlotte

Basically, they are saying that the issuing and renewal was too lax, which opened doors to abuse of the system, as people who should have never been notaries were commissioned.

In 2017, we reported on notary concerns in North Carolina surrounding their Secretary of State. At the time, the issue was limited and debated, but current news seems to suggest there might have been more issues than believed at the time.

The dirty deed issue is discussed at further length in the link above. At this point the vast majority of us knows what it is, and truthfully, we don’t need to hash it out here again.

The only thing of note is that the notary, forged or involved, resigned their position and moved out of state shortly after initial police reports were filed. But, they are still available and speaking.

WCNC Charlotte spoke by phone to the notary in (…) case. (They) said someone forged (their) signature as well, and he said (they) was were not sure how they got a hold of (their) stamp.

WCNC Charlotte

Some minor changes were made to the above quote to remove the specific case, as well as conceal the sex of the notary. You can follow the link if you wish to see the unfiltered version.

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