Virginia Governor Vetoes Notary Bill

A controversial bill involving potential notaries with felony convictions has been vetoed by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

The legislation was passed overwhelmingly in the Virginia General Assembly, including a unanimous vote in the state Senate.

What Would/Does the Bill Do?

The bill would bar people convicted of certain felonies from becoming notary publics in the state of Virginia.

The charges include, but are not limited to, fraud, robbery and bribery.

Northam announced the veto Friday, saying the legislation was “antithetical to the concept of restorative justice.”

Washington Post

Governor Under Fire

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is embroiled in a scandal at the present moment.

That does not affect us, so there is no reason to go into detail. Just duckduckgo it if you are interested in details.

What is important is the strained relationship between the Governor and members of the Virginia Assembly. The Governor has vetoed multiple bills this session.

So, the Bill is Dead?

Ralph Northam - Governor of Virginia

In short, no.

The Virginia General Assembly can still vote to override the Governor’s veto. The bill passed both houses with a huge majority, so they have the votes to override the Governor if they choose to do so.

They plan to meet next month to debate, and possibly vote on, overriding Governor Northam on several bills.

Overriding a veto is not as easy as it sounds, even with the original votes. Many in Northam’s party may have voted yes, but could vote no on the veto.

Why, you ask?

Overriding vetoes is seen to make the Governor, and by extension his political party, appear weak. That makes overriding the veto a more risky political move than it did on the original vote.

Image provided by Craig from Richmond, Virginia`, United States – Governor Ralph Northam Gives Inaugural Address, CC BY 2.0, Link

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