West Virginia Notary Law Updates in June

New updates to West Virginia Notary Laws Update on June 17th.

The bill focuses on remote online notarizations (RON) and remote ink notarial acts (RIN).

Executive Order Exemption

Notary Law Updates in West Virginia

The main crux of the bill is to extend an executive order from last year. The actual new bill, SB 469, was signed into law and begins on June 17th, 2021. It pertains to the validation of virtual notarization acts.

Notaries will be required to register and be approved as an online notary.

This bill will impact anyone using or planning to use remote notary services. In some cases, the update might change some aspects of current documents.

RIN refers to acts by remotely located individuals, whereby the individuals exchange wet-signed documents but verify identities and acts using a communication technology platform.

National Law Review

To be honest, we are not lawyers, and their article is really good, so we would recommend you visit the National Law Review to read more about the new bill.

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