A Simple Check to Start the New Year

Welcome 2020!

We wanted to find out if there were any issues notaries need to pay attention to for the new year, and while we feel energized by the new year, we did come across one particular issue, that while not a huge issue, is something we might want to keep our eyes on.

Fortunately, it simply has to do with normal human behavior, and making sure we check our work. Easy Peasy.

The New Years Paradox

We’ve all done it.

First week or two of the new year and we sign something with last year’s date. For some, a bit longer.

We are sure for many of you, it has happened at the table, so this is nothing new. That’s why it’s just a simple check.

Will 2020 Cause More Mistakes?

For you, probably not. But for other signers, it could be more of an issue than in other years.

Will 2020 Cause More Mistakes?

Some linguists have warned that people who sign documents, or checks and the like, that they need to pay more attention early this year to the date they sign.

According to them, 2020 is likely to be written as just 20 in more instances than most years. They say that because the year is essentially 20 twice in a row, people are more likely to look at it and think it is correct when they are writing.

So, they advise that people like notaries double check early this year to ensure document integrity.

The Other Concern is Fraud

Some law enforcement agencies around the country have sent out alerts as well.

They are warning that because it is 2020, it could be easier to forge, or change documents if any error in the original writing of 2020 should occur.

And no one wants to mess with the possibility their title or their mortgage are derided by this potential problem.

So, go on out and start your year off right, and keep in mind that 2020 should always explicitly be written out as 2020.

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