CT’s New Online Portal and a Thank You For the Holiday Season

The digital era has been here, and for notaries, it is entering its final stages. We’ve been talking a lot about RON, but what about ROBAN?

What is ROBAN, you ask? Besides another acronym we just made up? We call it Remote Online Become a Notary (tongue placed firmly in cheek).

Become a Notary in Your Jammies

Is that a joke to end the year?

Maybe a little. But, not completely so.

The world has been moving into a direction where you can do just about anything while lounging on your couch eating Doritos and watching Lord of the Rings for the 900th time.

We know what you are thinking right now. ROBAN should stand for Robe On. And we would agree, if we didn’t make ROBAN up in the first place.

Anyways, just a little more seriously.

Become a Notary From Home

Notary Jokes on Old Cell Phone Commercials Meme

Connecticut has unveiled their online notary portal.

This online portal contains everything you need to become a notary, or stay a notary.

  • Notary Training – Is it in the portal? Good!
  • Notary Testing – Is it in the portal? Good!
  • Uploading Docs like Writing Samples – Is it in the portal? Good!
  • Pay Your Registration Fees – Is it in the portal? Good!
  • Get Your License – Is it in the portal? Good!
  • And How About Renew Your Commission – Is it in the portal? Good!

Since it is the season, we are going to forgo passing judgment and just enjoy the day. After watching Jameis Winston yesterday (yes, we are SUNSHINE Signing Connection), we don’t know there is anything that can sour our milk.

Jameis Winston Gladiator Meme

We Just Love Making Things Easier

Cat Taking Selfie

Just think about how much easier certain things in life have become in our life time.

  • We don’t have to squeeze our own oranges anymore, we can just buy it in a carton.
  • We can play just about any sport we want using only our thumbs.
  • We can take gorgeous photos of ourselves anywhere by just using our phone and a stick.
  • We don’t have to actually attend college anymore, we can pay someone to get an online degree for us.

But, the one thing we never ask is, should we make it easier?

Should we make mobile signings more difficult by trying to focus on online signings, which, in the end, may not be as simple as first seen.

Have a Great Holiday Season

However you celebrate this time of year, have at it.

For example, we are celebrating you, the mobile notaries who have been our partners for so many years. We are celebrating all of our blog readers, who have made our little corner of the internet the best notary blog in the world.

And we are making our first ham-nog, even though some have told us that it is a bad idea.

So again, thank you from everyone at Sunshine Signing Connection. May next year be even better than this one.

Thank You from Sunshine Signing Connection

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