Are we at a Point where the Sunshine Begins?

As more parts of the country begin returning to work, and people beyond notaries return to normal life, we hope we are starting to see the Sunshine again.

2020 has been a really tough year for just about everyone, businesses have been shut down for a long time and many people are regaining confidence in our ability to finally move past this pandemic.

Beyond that, we’ve all seen the news, and probably too many social media videos. We’ve found almost every bit of it sad, but we’ve also seen a lot of signs of hope, and we know that we will become a better nation because of it.

Here are the current CDC guidelines.

Back to Buying Houses

Across the country we saw home sales take a hit, though refinances made up some slack because of extremely low interest rates. But, signs are beginning to show that people are starting to buy houses again.

Home sales in Houston have risen dramatically recently. In some places, we are talking a 50% increase over last year. Reports from Arizona and North Carolina are promising.

Now, we know this is not true in a lot of the country yet, but as buyers regain the confidence to look at houses, home sales will bounce back.

One thing we’ve seen so far, is that not much has happened to change peoples’ minds if they wanted to purchase a home, but the timeline of that purchase has surely changed.

Is There Sunshine on the Horizon for Notaries

Back to Business, Even at a Distance

As more people return to normalcy, the services they need will also return to normalcy.

For some things, there might even be a backlog.

Of particular note are loans. Many lenders have delayed payments, waived interest accrual, or both. Some landlords have delayed payments.

While the politicians in Washington try to decide what to do with all of this, many will probably get stuck in the middle. Depending on how that pans out, it may increase the need for notaries to finalize the new deal.

On the flip side, some lenders are moving back from some industries. For example, Wells Fargo has announced that they are almost completely shutting down car loans.

Sunshine Notaries are the Greatest Notaries

Throughout this all, you have shown us that we have the best and most reliable notaries in the nation, and we thank you greatly for that.

You have not only stepped up for your business, but for ours as well. Not only we thank you for that, but all of our employees that provide services for you and our clients, as well.

As a team, we could have folded. But, your efforts in going above and beyond the call of duty has shown us just how resilient you are.

If you don’t often speak to others in the industry, you do not realize the level of reliability and professionalism notaries that work with Sunshine have shown.

We’ve heard horror story after horror story from others in the industry on the unreliability of their notary partners.

But, we have to tell you. When those same people ask us about the horrors we’ve seen, we can proudly say that our notaries have pulled through in every way.

And then we give them our card and tell them if they want to work with the most professional and reliable notaries, they know who to call.

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