The Pandemic and the Notary Swimming in the Storm

The Mobile Notary and the COVID Pandemic, seems like the nightmare that is never going it end.

Can you believe we’ve been at this for two months already?

And while we hope that the end of the tunnel is in sight, the fact is we are still a small fish in a large ocean, and hurricane season has already started (it really has).

Notary Provides Consumer Friendly Services

How to provide a safe service, one that the consumer feels safe, is still proving both difficult and rapidly changing.

We can look to our own industry, while looking at other industries to see what may work.

Bringing some plexiglass with you to signings probably isn’t the best way to go. Curbside service would be great, but impracticable as well. But, looking at industries are there any things that may work for notaries?

Mona Lisa in Coronavirus Mask

Potential Notary Safety Measures

Can we learn something from other industries?

  1. Wearing a mask and gloves has pretty much been the law of the land, at least the mask. It is one of the easiest way to significantly assure consumer safety.
  2. We know it is not possible for every signing, but if you could have one outdoors, it is another thing that will most likely make the signer more at ease. Air circulates more easily outside. And curbside pickups and outdoor dining (where it has been allowed) both have been seen to boost consumer confidence.
  3. Sit as far away as possible. Social distancing is causing a lot of commotion, so do whatever you can to do so. Even if that means moving some to alleviate any concerns, as long as you do not think it will allow any errors or falsehoods in the notarization process.
  4. We know that online notaries are becoming a thing. Industry, which is using the pandemic to push forward online closings, may become a more significant part of our future. So, setting up an area in the office that is good for operations might not be a bad idea. Just don’t let the camera aim where people might see your family. (the recent viral video is hilarious)
  5. Fake it Until You Make It – Look and sound like someone who is confident in the measures you have taken. That confidence wears off on everyone in the room. If you look and act like the situation is in control, so will others.
  6. If you take a signing, do it. Unless the situation is bad, you need to do what you have to do. Once you accept a job, you need to do the job. Unless the situation at the job is bad. We heard a recent story where a closing had to be done four times. The first three notaries left, while the fourth notary closed the deal. Do you think the company will hire the first three notaries again? Unless there is a real good reason, probably with photos, they aren’t calling you again.

What Not to Do

There are also some things you should not do.

Coronavirus Motorcycle Helmet

Credit: The Sun

It’s halloween in April! No one around you will ever miss it.

But, while highly successful at social distancing, we are not sure the coronavirus helmet would go over too well with clients.

The Social Distancing Hula Hoop

Credit: Denver Post

We’re sure we aren’t the only ones who have seen a variation of the social distancing hula hoop.

If it is bad etiquette to wear something in public, it is probably a bad idea to use in your daily routine. We’d pay money if someone could actually hula hoop with one while walking down the street.

Norton Virus Protection

Bad British Mask Ideas
Credit: Metro UK

We wish the guy wearing a Norton Anti Virus was the only thing wrong here, as it is hilarious.

But, we wouldn’t advise going places with upside down bags on your head or a giant pet food container. Although we do appreciate the effort.

Back to Reality for Notaries

As the days of the pandemic move on, as more businesses start to open up, and as more business is done, the demand for notaries will rise with it.

While some people are more lax, others are going to be very wary long into the future. So planning a way forward for our businesses is only prudent.

We’ve hopefully given you a couple of decent ideas, and definitely showed you some of the wrong ways to do things.

But, we will close as we always do. Business is opening up in places around the country, which will mean more activity, so be safe and be successful.

This is part five of our series on Notaries and the Coronavirus. Here are some links to other articles.

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