From the Norm to the Bizarre

So where does the line get drawn on what is a legal document?  Or better yet, when does it turn to just plain bizarre?

Recent news reports show a man in Miami had a tattoo on his chest that said “Do Not Resuscitate”.  That man ended up in the hospital and left the doctors with an ethical dilemma.  Do they follow the wishes on the tattoo or do they ignore them until they receive proper legal documentation.

Of course, what is missed here is that people don’t carry around a DNR in their pocket. So what to do?

“Here’s a guy who went through the trouble of getting a tattoo, which has the word ‘not’ underscored; he had his tattoo artist include his signature,” Dr. Goodman said in a phone interview on Sunday. “You don’t go through that trouble, look at it every day in the mirror and actually not mean it.” — New York Times

Anyways, fascinated we did a little digging and found an even more interesting case. A man had the same type of tattoo as mentioned above, but the doctors did not follow his wishes during an emergency hospitalization. He was livid about it and wanted to make sure it could not happen again.

DNR Tattoo

So, Where Does the Notary Come In?

This gentleman had the ingenious idea to have his tattoo permanently notarized on his chest!

Better yet, he found someone to do it.

When the man asked the ER doctors why they ignored his tattoo, they said that it was not notarized. The man then had a notary public stamp his chest and had a tattoo artist make the stamp permanent by outlining the stamp with a tattoo. — Dossey and Jones

It seems some notarized materials go to the grave with you. Though probably not legal, it is a quick smile, and a signing I probably don’t want anything to do with!

Though, you have to give the man credit for his follow through. 

Check out some of the best notary bunglers. Or even better, are there signings from beyond the grave. And don’t forget, Tony Hawk notarized skateboards with his blood.

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