Signing From Beyond the Grave

The pumpkins are cut, the costumes are at the ready, but it wouldn’t be Halloween without something spooky.  And what could be more spooky in this industry than a notary who signs from the grave.

So as you pass out candy and adore all the little munchkins at your door, make sure you keep the “Headless Notary” in mind, for they should frighten even the most intrepid among us.

You Can’t Sign when You are Dead

Or can you?

Halloween only works for those who believe in it, those willing to commit themselves to the spirit of the holiday.  To let themselves truly engage in tradition for one day, lest they become a party pooper.

You’d be surprised at how many signings from the grave have been reported over the years.  Most only available in news clippings from before the advent of the internet.

But, the legend may exist even to this day.

A Ghostly Presence?

The Headless Notary on Halloween

Just this year, a Brooklyn resident was accused of using the signature and stamp of a dead notary.  Another strange story emerged from Philadelphia.  In 2010, an incident in Wisconsin gained considerable attention.  And these are just a few of the ghastly signings that have occurred over the years.

Now are these simple frauds?  Or perhaps, something more sinister altogether.

On this sacred day, when the world of the living and the dead overlap, could the unthinkable really be impossible?

A Shiver Down Your Spine

ghost hunters halloween party

We’ve all felt it, that tingling feeling going down your body, a feeling that believers say is a sign of a ghost in your presence.  They say the spirits are trapped on earth, unable to pass into the spirit realm until an unfinished piece of business is done.

So why couldn’t that ghost be a notary, one that loved their job so much they must sign more documents before they can move off of the earthly plane. Or one that is haunted by a signing they performed, and feel they must make it right?

One set of signings from beyond the grave involved a landlord who was allegedly wronging his tenants.  Several of the landlord’s documents were signed from the grave.

Now is that fraud by the landlord?  Or on a day like Halloween, do we have to entertain the notion that this was really revenge from the grave?  An act perpetrated by the spirit of a notary, to expose the actions of the landlord, so they could find peace and move on.

We’ll leave that for the Ouija board to decide.  Though, personally, we aren’t getting within 100 feet of one of those things.

To the readers:  In case you didn’t catch on, this article was done tongue in cheek.  This article was written in an attempt to simply put a quick smile on your face for the holiday.  We hope every body has an awesome Halloween (and stay away from the “Headless Notary”, they scare the crud out of us).

Whoopi Goldberg Meme - It Was Ghosts

Halloween isn’t the only creepy thing surrounding notaries.  Check out From Norm to the Bizarre to find out what an extreme signing looks like.

If you’d prefer to get a chuckle at someone else’s expense (with names excluded) you might prefer some of our biggest blundering notaries.

Or how about signing with your own blood?

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