Important Update for Pennsylvania Notaries

We recently covered upcoming rules changes for notaries in Pennsylvania.

New notary education rules were passed in Pennsylvania, requiring all new and renewing notaries to complete a three hour course. The course must be completed within six months before filing an application, or filing a renewal, to be a notary in the state of Pennsylvania.

The update here comes for current notaries. In the initial language of the rules, current notaries were “grandfathered” in and not required to meet the same educational demands as new notaries.

That has now changed.

The requirement affects all notaries, including those previously “grandfathered” by the court ruling. Because the changes take effect Oct. 26, the six-month window is now in effect for anyone who will be applying or reapplying by that time.

– – The Morning Call
Important Update for Pennsylvania Notaries

So, basically, the requirements must be met for all applications or renewals that are filed October 26th or after. Here is the basic outline of what will be in the course and on the exams.

The basic education course must be at least three hours in length and the course must cover the statutes, regulations, procedures and ethics relevant to notarial acts, with a core curriculum including the duties and responsibilities of the office of notary public and electronic notarization. The course must either be interactive or classroom instruction.

Here is a little advice from Pennsylvania Secretary of State Pedro A. Cortez. We’d advise you take note.

The updates “will affect not only individuals seeking a new commission as a notary public, but also notaries who are currently commissioned. I encourage all notaries to familiarize themselves with the changes, particularly the education and examination requirements.”

– – Pedro A. Cortez – Penn. Secretary of State

Updates to the rules also include new requirements for the notary journal, and will allow notaries to store their journals digitally. Pennsylvania will also have a new notary stamp for all new applicants and renewals on or after October 26th.

The state is now allowing private companies to start to apply to provide the notary courses and exams. There are already plenty of providers approved. You can find the list of approved education providers here.

For more information about the responsibilities and upcoming changes for notaries in Pennsylvania, you can visit the notaries section of the Department of State website.  You can also get information from our previous article for Pennsylvania notaries.

If you are a history buff, check out tale Thomas McKean, the notary born in Pennsylvania, who helped found our nation.

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