Mister Goblin – “The Notary”

Another day, another win for notaries in pop culture. You may remember Notary Publix, the shorts from 2015 were the last time we told you about notaries in pop culture. That time a streaming series of shorts featuring former Saturday Night Live actress Kate McKinnon.

Well, welcome to the music world. In April, Mister Goblin has a new album coming out called Frog Poems. And part of that is a track called “The Notary”, which was released on Youtube a few days ago.

The song talks about how the singer wants to become a notary so the singer can have some practical use in life.

“The idea for this one came up during pandemic lockdown when I was brainstorming excuses I could make to get out and see people without violating the social contract,” Sam Goblin said of ‘The Notary’ in a statement. “One of the ideas being that I could become a notary and stamp shit for my friends. Never did get around to it, but I did write this song. Joe (the other guitarist on the record) had to sell me a little bit on the shoegaze-y whammy bar part he wrote, but I’m so glad he did because now I think it really makes the song.”


Check it out below.

“The Notary” by Mister Goblin