Illinois Passes Remote Online Notarization

Illinois became the 47th state to legalize Remote Online Notarization last week.

They unveiled their new e-notary system, which allows residents to notarize documents remotely.

You could still previously use RON to sign documents, but there were too many pitfalls. Everyone had to be within the state, and it still required a wet signature from the notary. The new rules require the notary to be in Illinois, but the signers can be anywhere.

“In keeping with our ongoing effort to modernize the Secretary of State’s office, E-Notary serves as a game-changer for Illinoisians by now providing a convenient way to notarize documents without leaving their home or office,” Alexi Giannoulias said. “Enabling commissioned notaries to work virtually makes the process faster and more secure for individuals and businesses alike.”

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As of now, there are just about 250 notaries approved to be e-notaries in the state, though that number is probably going to explode as we move forward.

The E-Notary system facilitates electronic signatures from both the customer and notary, along with electronically attaching the notarial certificate and seal to the document.

Following the Illinois General Assembly’s 2021 legislation authorizing electronic notarization, Secretary of State Giannoulias prioritized its implementation.

This involved securing state approval for administrative rules, developing an E-Notary application, vetting technology providers, and training staff for processing applications.


Notaries may charge up to $25 for an e-notarization.

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