The Business of Gifting Notary Commissions

While the rest of us have worked hard to become a notary, it would seem unfair if some notaries were gifted their commissions.

We’re pretty sure that is something just about all of us can agree on that.

So the question is why in the world is this happening?

It’s Not What You Know

Issues have been raised lately about notaries that have been gifted their notary commissions, skipping the process(es) that we have to use to get one.

These people get to pass go and collect their $200, while everyone else is stuck on Baltic Avenue.

It is unthinkable to us. As a company that relies on professional notaries, it is quite disturbing to us, both as notaries, and as a notary service.

So, why, in this day and age, would unqualified people get a notary license, making a mockery of our industry in the process.

We’ll give you one guess.

Gifted Notaries

It’s Who You Know

It appears politicians are abusing their power to give notary commissions to family, friends and donors.

Imagine our shock!!!

There is a pretty significant news story surrounding this issue at the moment, but we have decided to give it the cold shoulder. The biggest thing we’ve learned since the Philly Fiasco, is that if an issue arises in one area, it is probably more widespread than we think.

It’s not like politicians don’t talk to each other or anything like that, smh. (shaking my head, for those not caught up with internet vernacular).

Every single gifted notary should have their licenses stripped immediately, and should never be allowed to become a notary again in the future.

Gifted Notaries get to skip the process

But, the real question here is is why? Why would one of the most powerful office holders in the nation allegedly do something like this?

Is this something just to flaunt their power? Or is a part of a bag of dirty tricks they plan to unleash in the future?

Knowledge is Power

Unlike the alleged abuses of power, a professional notary has the training and expertise that is only learned over time. We would add experience to this, but we all have to start somewhere. None the less, as experience is racked up, it only creates a better notary.

Professional notaries are all about fairness, transparency and legitimacy. A gifted notary has none of these, and they have no place with the rest of us.

We are professionals, they are not, saying it nicely.

While the average signer is most likely not going to know anything about this, it is still important for us to know. Because this is not a gift for us, it is our business and livelihood.

And that is why this is an important reminder (which most of you don’t need), to use your knowledge to give your signers the most professional experience possible.

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