2024 Update to Florida Witness Requirements

Attention Notary Professionals

Witness requirements in Florida for real estate documents are changing in January 2024. It is important to take care in fulfilling these new obligations so your documents are done correctly.

Effective January 1, 2024,To record a document that affects the ownership or rights of real estate, you need to follow a new rule. The rule says that every witness who signs the document must also provide their address along with their name.

The name must be clear and readable, either printed, typed, or stamped below the signature.

The address is a new requirement that helps to verify the identity and location of the witness. This rule applies to any document that transfers, assigns, mortgages, or otherwise changes the title to real property or any interest in it.

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Do’s and Dont’s for Witnesses’ Addresses on Real Property Instruments

  • Do use a street address at which the witness can be located, such as the one on their driver’s license.
  • Don’t use a post office box address, as it is not a physical address.
  • Do use a work address if the witness physically works and can be located there.
  • Don’t use the address of the title agency or law firm unless the witness is an employee of that company or firm.
  • Do include addresses for witnesses on all instruments affecting title to real property, even if they are not required by law, to avoid rejection by the clerk of court.

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