How Well Do You Market Yourself as a Mobile Notary?

Mobile notaries compete in a crowded market and can feel that there is not much to differentiate one notary from another. Do not fall into this trap! The truth is that there are many factors that distinguish you from your competition. Defining and then promoting your differences is marketing. Here are some tips that will help you refine, or heaven forbid, establish your marketing plan.

Define Your Geographical Market for Marketing

Your business plan should already have a defined geographic area in which you work. You know that if you travel outside of the defined area that the job will not pay enough to cover the costs and time of travel. Your marketing plan needs to match your business plan. Are you spending your marketing budget outside of that area? If the answer is yes, you are wasting money advertising in an area where your product is never going to be available.

Geographic marketing boundaries are easy to define on most social media advertising platforms. Even cable advertising has broken their markets into geographically aligned models. Make sure all of your campaigns are covering the same territory you will be serving.

Highlight Your Skills and Experience

What skills do you have that your competitor may not have? Ask yourself some simple questions that will help you define your skills. Do you speak another language? Do you have a background in law or real estate? Are your customer’s satisfied with your service? How many customers have you served? Identifying the answers to these questions helps you distinguish yourself from your competitors. Give your potential clients a better idea of what they are getting when they hire you.

How Well Do You Market Yourself as a Mobile Notary?

Establish Expertise in a Market

Social media is a great platform to help you establish yourself as a professional. When you get away from only sending social messages that ask for business and start sharing valuable information you become an expert in your field.

Look to establish yourself in a niche market. Did the review of your skills and experience show any strengths in a particular vertical? If you have real estate experience, make sure you are marketing yourself as an expert for signings at property closings. Brand leaders are at the top because they are successful in positioning themselves as the best.

Be Seen

Every business owner wants their product and services to be seen. After you have defined your product and the market with which it will serve you are ready to promote. You have many methods to choose from both traditionally and digitally.

Join the social platforms you have time to actually engage with. Make sure you are listed on the appropriate websites for your services that cover the correct geographical area. Run ads both traditionally and digitally that fit your strengths and professional background. Don’t forget the power of personal networking in local civic and professional groups.


Setting up a system to track your marketing efforts is one of the most important parts of your marketing plan regardless of which methods you use to promote your business. You need to collect the data to know what is working and what needs to be altered or removed from your marketing plan. Once a quarter you can look back on the data that you have collected and see what campaigns are working for you. Look for ways to duplicate campaigns that have brought you success and make changes to those that are under performing.

The Results

You started this article as a Mobile Notary in Florida. By now you should see that what you really are is a Spanish Speaking Mobile Notary with over 500 real estate signings in Miami-Dade County. Marketing your brand will make you more successful as a mobile notary.

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