Is it Worth Notarizing for Political Campaigns?

We’ve gone over some hinky signings in the past, like the fiasco in Texas.  But, what about another type that seems like you are doing good for the public.

Is is worth notarizing documents for political campaigns or movements?

Always Protect Yourself

This is the most important thing we must do with our business. We have to protect ourselves and our business, so we can continue to earn income and grow into the future.

And the easiest way to do that is to stay away from controversial signings.  Anything that involves politics is included in that.

Let’s take a look at a recent case.  Organizers in Missouri are trying to get an initiative on the ballot for this November’s elections.  The law says the person circulating the petition must oversee every signature, and then have a notary sign off on each page.

But, what happens when that circulator/organizer breaks the rules?  And what kind of legal liability does that open you up to?

I am going to link to an article that does not mention the notary’s name, so please take a look at what can go wrong with political signings.

Keep Politics Off Your Social Media

Are Political Related Signings Worth the Risk?

How many people are making posts or tweets that come back to bite them, even years later?

The truth is more and more people are starting to check out who they are doing business with.  It’s not just celebrities or politicians, it is spreading to average Americans, and while concerning, it is completely legal.

And when they find someone whose viewpoints they don’t like?

Realize you don’t just represent yourself online, you represent your business.  And it is best done by attracting the widest audience, while providing excellent customer service and on time jobs.

Your Business Most Likely Cannot Withstand a Lawsuit

Do you think your small business can survive a lawsuit against a large political organization, or a state’s attorney general’s office?

We are not even talking right or wrong here, we are talking about the costs themselves of having to defend the business.  It does not matter if you are right, if you don’t have the resources to see it though.  It is a sad, but true, reality.

The overwhelming actuality for the vast majority of mobile notaries, is that a big lawsuit will force the company into bankruptcy.  So this needs to be taken into account before you accept certain signings.

Remember, the business always comes first.

Even if you are the only person who works for that business, you have still created something larger than yourself.  And that is something you should be proud of and eager to defend.

This answer may differ between notaries, and it may even differ between jobs.

This is a question you really need to think about.

For some, the risk versus the reward just does not make sense. But, there are also notaries who believe in causes.  But, you cannot let your personal feelings for a cause to become more important than the business.  Remember, the business comes first. Always.

So, if you do accept a political related signing, make sure that you can verify the providence of all of the information you sign off on.  And maybe consult a lawyer or your state’s Department of Commerce about the laws the client has to meet to make the document you are notarizing legal.

And if you have any questions about what you are about to sign, don’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Here is another great article about whether or not notaries should be involved with our election process.

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