Notaries That Helped Shape History

When we think of notaries, we often think of our daily tasks, or just of the job in general.

Lately, we’ve been pointing out the more human side of notaries, like the Biggest Blunderers and some of the Bizarre, among other things. And don’t forget about notarizing in your own blood.

But, notaries do more in their lives than make mistakes and do weird things.  Notaries make a positive impact!  So, in that spirit, let’s take a look at some of the Notaries that changed the course of history as we know it.

The Notary that helped build a Nation

This notary was so instrumental in the founding of our nation, that he deserves an article of his own.  Thomas McKean, the notary of South Delaware, the man who came to Washington’s defense as a nation was born.

He was the President before our first President, the man who challenged another to a duel on the Senate floor.

In short, he was all that and a bag of toast.  Thomas McKean was really the Notary that helped found a nation.

Notaries That Helped Shape History

An Olympic Debut

John McQuhin, a resident and notary in Paisley, Scotland became the first to record one of the earliest team sports.  Those in and around the sport call it the “Roarin’ Game”, but you probably better know it as the Olympic sport of Curling.  Not the bicep type, the flinging granite rocks across the ice type.

McQuhin recorded protocol and oversaw a medieval grudge match between John Sclater and Gavin Hamilton.  It was the battle of the Monk vs. the town representative.  And it was 1540 on a frozen lake where competitors flung granite rocks across the pond.

With that McQuhin added himself to the origins of a now mighty sport we all watch once every four years.  He will forever be enshrined in the History of Curling.

The Father of a Genius

We’re not going to claim that Piero da Vinci was always the greatest man, but he sure contributed to one.  The child he had outside of wedlock has fascinated the world for centuries on end.

Perhaps the greatest artist and genius of all time, Leonardo da Vinci’s fame still burns bright today.  His paintings go for hundreds of million of dollars, and he is still part of pop culture with all of the mysteries surrounding his life.

But, Piero was an insistent father.  Historical Accounts show Piero remained involved in Leonardo’s life.

Nepotism and the Father of a President

Only one President in United States history has been sworn into office by a notary.

It probably helped that the notary was his father, but history is history.  Calvin Coolidge became the 30th President of the United States in 1923 after the sudden death of Warren G. Harding.

And this is where Calvin Coolidge Senior steps in to make his mark on history.  Away with his son in Vermont at their traditional family home, which had no power or water, Coolidge had to be informed of the president’s demise by a messenger.

And since the change of power must be quick, Calvin Coolidge Senior stepped in to swear in his son as president at 2:47 in the morning on August 3rd, 1923.

Afterwards, the new president, went back to sleep before embarking for Washinton, DC the following day.

And if you really want to follow the importance of notaries throughout thousands of years, check out the world’s first notaries. Not to be confused with the world’s oldest notary.

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