The Worlds Oldest Notary

Alright, let’s take a guess. If you had to join a pool to guess the world’s oldest notary’s age, what would you select?

Would you take the safe route and go for normal retirement age? Maybe a little older? Betty White old?

And note, we are not talking about the world’s oldest notaries, but the age of a single one.

Older Than That

It’s almost beyond belief. Most of us can’t even imagine working until we are 100 years old. But, the world’s oldest notary is now 102 years old. And from reports, she is still more spry than most of us.

Born in Paincourtville, Louisiana in 1916, Lumina Newchurch first got her notary commission in 1967, at the age of 51.

Who would have guessed, she would be a notary for the next 51 years.

Still Actively Working

Miss Newchurch still maintains a home office, even though she now lives in a retirement community.

Sitting on the desk?

A typewriter.

Lumina works on a computer now as well, and has no problem printing documents. Even at the age of 102, she still adapts to the current market and adapting the clients she goes after, both in selecting the proper target market, and doing the amount of work she wants to do.

Lumina Newchurch is the World's Oldest Notary

She Didn’t Become the World’s Oldest Notary By Being Dumb

We talk quite a bit about marketing yourself and identifying the customers that would best suit your business.

How does Miss Newchurch do it?

She targets people from her local community and neighborhood. People who are very close to her. Which makes signings easier for everyone involved.

She notarizes various documents needed by those in her local community.

What Can We Learn From the World’s Oldest Notary?

Do what you love?

Even if that means following a dream from the time Nat King Cole ruled the record industry, all the way through a time when we can operate rovers on Mars.

How About Marketing Our Business?

Lumina adapts. Beyond weeks or years. Beyond decades. Beyond generations and eras. She obviously is still quite adept at this, as she is still notarizing documents long past the time most of us last on this earth.

As far as we can tell, she is not doing signings for title companies. She is working with individual clients, and has diversified her business to handle her target client’s needs.

Remember, diversity of income is stability of income.

And Lumina Newchurch can most likely still teach us all a lesson or two on how to market and adapt your business for the long term.

I Want to Know More About Lumina Newchurch

Don’t we all.

Fortunately, the Donaldsonville Chief recently did a fabulous expose on her life. It tells the story of a fascinating woman, who just so happens to be the world’s oldest notary.

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