A Notary Services Company Mitigates Your Liability

Often when there’s a need for a notary’s services, that need is urgent. When a deal needs to be closed, the opportunity may need to be secured at any time and anywhere. Fortunately, with a notary services company, your problem is solved.

A mobile notary company offers you peace of mind, convenience and flexibility to get crucial documents signed when you need them. As importantly, having a notary available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year helps you reduce liability risks related to legal agreements and documents.

A Notary Services Company Reduces Risk

One of the primary functions of a notary public is to protect clients from risk related to fraud and identity theft, which is becoming more prevalent each year.

We want to assume that people with whom we interact in various negotiations have integrity and are honest. However, the financial, legal and personal risks associated with many transactions means that often there is a need to verify the identity of a document signer in person.

A notary is an impartial third party used to verify the signatures on documents, verify the identity of those signing documents and ensure that those documents were signed willingly and not under duress.

Having documents notarized is a deterrent to fraud. Having documents notarized adds another layer of verification that the people who are signing documents are who they say they are. For clients of a notary, signed documents provide self-authentication, meaning that in court matters, signers do not need to testify to the authenticity of their signatures.

A Notary Services Company Mitigates Your Liability

Protection in Cases of Litigation

With the increasing litigiousness of today’s world, when a business deal goes sour, all too often courts get involved. When a deal goes south, either for genuine or fabricated reasons, emotions can flare, allegations are made and lawsuits are filed. From a litigation perspective, notarization is an important safeguard. Providing notarized documents that clearly spell out the terms and conditions of a negotiated, agreed-upon and, most importantly, legally signed business agreement is crucial in protecting financial and business interests.

For example, in contractual disputes involving multiple copies of documentation related to an agreement, a judge is likely to give far more weight to documents that have been signed and witnessed by a certified notary public. In addition, for certain transaction types, having documents notarized is not just prudent business sense, but also legally mandated.

Some states even require the recitation of an oath administered by a notary public for certain documents, such as affidavits and applications.

What Needs to be Notarized, What Should be Notarized

While the standards vary from state to state, the most commonly required documents for notarization are:

  • Trusts, wills and other documents related to estate planning
  • Title conveyance documents related to real estate transactions, including mortgage documents and other agreements related to a sale between a seller and a buyer
  • Structured settlement documents
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Health care proxy and power of attorney documents
  • General and property power of attorney documents

In addition, there are a number of other business deals where it may be prudent or a requirement to involve a notary public, including:

  • Online purchases related to large purchases of products, goods or services
  • Personal loan agreements
  • Car purchase title transfer documents
  • Partnership agreements

A Mobile Notary Company in Your Moment of Need

Many companies, banks, financial institutions and mortgage firms have employees who are certified notaries public on staff. However, small companies, individuals, or those living and working in rural and remote areas may find immediate access to a notary public near them difficult to secure. In such cases, a mobile notary company is an excellent option that allows for flexibility, availability and accessibility.

Frequently attorneys, title companies, lenders, real estate agents, or structured settlement companies find a need for a notary services company that provides services after hours, on the weekend, in a remote location or at the spur of the moment. By using a mobile notary company, professionals in need can be confident that real estate documents, loan modifications, mortgages and deeds, structured settlement or power of attorney documents, and walk-through recordings are verified and notarized quickly without interruption or disruption of regular business practices.

Make a Sunshine Signing Connection

With Sunshine Signing, your notary service company needs are met. We work hard to find the mobile notary public who best fits your needs. Our reach spans most rural areas across the United States.

Sunshine Signing notaries undergo a rigorous background check prior to hire, have error-and-omission liability insurance coverage, protecting you further from liability related to your business transactions. All our notaries are certified and are qualified to meet all your notarizing requirements. What’s more, our notary services are a phone call away and available at any hour of any day year round. We have a commitment to quality service and guarantee all our work. We commit to expediting orders and filling them efficiently and will partner with your internal processes to meet your needs.

Business transactions are innately complex with varied twists and turns, ups and downs. Take some of the uncertainty out of your business transactions by partnering with Sunshine Signing Connection for your mobile notary public needs.

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