7 Cold Calling Tips for Mobile Notaries

Cold calling is a sales and marketing technique that is often avoided because many people are uncomfortable picking up a phone and making calls. We have found much success with this tactic and even included Cold Calling in our list of ways mobile notaries can earn more business. When done correctly and consistently cold calling is very effective at helping mobile notaries find business. Here are our 6 tips for you can improve your cold calls.

Set a goal

Set a goal for the overall objective of your cold calling campaigns such as getting added to the list of notaries for Title Companies and Signing Services. Setting a goal will give you structure and allow you to evaluate the performance of the campaign.

Have a Script

It is hard to ad-lib on the spot, especially when you are trying to get new business. It gets easier as you gain experience, but you still need to make sure you hit the big spots.

Having a script gives you something to stick to. Someway to explain your services succinctly and effectively. You may sound a little robotic at first, if you are nervous, but you will get over that very quickly.

Having a script seems simple, but it can be an important part of your marketing plan.

Cold Calling Tips for Mobile Notaries

Have a Plan

Before you pick up the phone, make a plan that will lead you to your main goal. That may include smaller goals for each phone call such as finding the name of the person you want to talk to. When you plan make sure you consider the following:

  • Use research and past success to create a list of companies to call to add to your call list. Look for areas where you have established accounts that you can use as referrals.
  • Plan what you are going to say if you get sent to voicemail. Your message for a voicemail should be just as polished and focused as your main message. Good voicemails spark interest.
  • You should also plan what time of day to make your calls. Test different times of day and see when you have more success.

Don’t Talk Too Much

Once you have met the goal of that call be careful not to oversell yourself. Be comfortable sticking to your plan. Once you get your “ask” don’t worry about pushing for another in this call, your plan is already taking care of the next ask.

Know Your Value Propositions

Are you available for notary services 24/7? Do you speak another language? Do you have expertise in a certain market? All of these are examples of what some of your value propositions may be. Make sure you have your value propositions ready to answer questions are likely to receive from the companies you are calling. Through your research, you will know which of your value propositions align with the companies you are calling.

Watch Your Tone of Voice

The more you make cold calls, the more you will be yourself. In the beginning, it is good to be aware of the tone of your voice. You don’t want to seem shy or too pushy. You want to be affable and business like. You know your value propositions and their needs. Your voice should mirror the confidence that you are helping them fill one of their needs.

Keep Records

Of course, you are going to record the leads you find but don’t forget to keep track of all the valuable info you are learning. Note the time of your calls and the days of the week and see if any patterns emerge that will help you with future planning. Keeping records can help you improve the efficiency of your cold calling campaign.

Staying consistent with your cold calling plan. Focus on building relationships and providing value. Your success as a mobile notary depends greatly on people trusting you and relying on you. Your cold calls should promote that same brand of reliability and comfort.

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