Low Tech Marketing and High Tech Digital Marketing

High tech marketing is all the rage nowadays, for a lot of good reason. But, does that mean we should abandon low tech marketing? Are things like Business Cards still worth the effort?

High Tech Marketing

Recent years have given us many new avenues to market our business. From websites to social media, to optimization and automated marketing, the choices before us are more diverse than ever before.

These digital techniques allow us to track customer response in ways companies never could before. And while the statistics you get from these advertising methods probably are not completely correct, they do give you an excellent starting point to understand what your customers want.

We, personally, utilize several of these methods, as well as a technique called split testing. It has helped us to obtain greater market share, and convert a higher percentage of our website visitors into customers.

We also use a method called “measured response”. Or, at least that is what our online marketer calls it. This method has helped us become the most popular notary blog in the world. It has involved a lot of testing, different writing styles, specific phrases in articles and more. We then measured and compared the response to each article, until we were able to write articles that are consistently appealing to our readers, while also gaining traction on social media and increasing engagement.

While none of this is easy, it can be very effective, if you have the right person or company for the job (and it is hard to find a good one).

Low Tech Marketing

Low Tech Versus High Tech Marketing

So what is the role of low tech marketing? Is it even worth it in this new era, when we can get far more data from high tech marketing methods?

The short answer is: Yes.

The fact is there are so many online ads and high tech marketing funnels that people are becoming numb to them. Every year marketers have to come up with new tricks to get and keep people on their email lists.

It is a tough business, where you are competing against everyone else. If you run ads that are not effective, you get charged more. And if your ad is not effective most platforms will bury it.

It sounds weird, but makes sense, Each of these platforms, whether Google, Bing, Facebook or others, want to run the ads that:

  • Make them the most money
  • Have the best response from their audience.

So Back to Low Tech Marketing

We’ve all seen it, for every person out there who loves their smart phone, there is someone else cursing theirs. The fact is high tech marketing does not reach your entire audience, and someone berating their phone while opening your website is probably not going to help you much.

So we go back and take a look at low tech marketing.

Business cards are probably the oldest and best known way to market yourself or your business. While not as effective as they used to be, they are still a vital component.

But, people have seen business cards for decades, so you are going to have to reach outside the box to make a lasting impression. Be creative and be memorable. Don’t make the same business cards your parents used.

Photos can be effective. I saw one business card recently with the person’s photo on it. Not mind blowing by any means, until I turned over the card. There was a photo of the back of the person’s head on the back of the card. And now that person’s business will be stuck in my head for a long time.

You are only constrained by your imagination. I’ve seen cards that work as referral cards and said “The Most Flattering Way to Like Our Business is to Refer a Friend”. These were sent out with each order the company fulfilled.

Another great one was shaped and looked like a raffle ticket, even down to those raggedy edges you get when you take them apart.

Other Low Tech Marketing Techniques

There are other methods as well. While most mobile notaries are not going to buy expensive billboards, commercials or newspaper ads, there are other ways.

Direct Mail is used to great effect by many companies. But, it is also expensive, and ROI (return on investment) is often six to nine months, which is difficult for a small business to perform.

So where should you look?

Joining your local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to network with other businesses, make yourself known locally, and grow your business. And we all know cold calling can be an effective way to keep yourself in front of your clients

We talked about the high price of some newspaper ads, but what about the local papers that people can get for free at restaurants and stores around town? They are much more affordable, and the people who pick those papers up are usually the types that read them.

So, Low Tech Vs. High Tech Marketing

The answer is a bit of a mixture of both. High tech marketing helps you reach people you could not reach before, and in ways you could not achieve before.

But, don’t get down on low tech marketing.

The fact is, as more and more companies focus on high tech marketing, opportunities open for low tech techniques. And the right people can take advantage of it.

I’ve never seen a notary try it before, but I’ve even seen those little bandit signs on the side of the road used to great effect. Even though they are illegal in many cities, when used correctly, they do make the phone ring.

The key point is, don’t throw low tech marketing out with the bath water.

When everyone goes right, sometimes it is best to go left, and be creative about it.

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